The Four Percent Workout Templates


You guys ask for more workout posts.

I listened.

And I learned you wanted access to the fitness programming and the insight I shared on Instagram.

Well, guess what? You’re gonna get it.

Introducing: The Four Percent Workout Templates.


OMFG, I am so excited.

Here is a breakdown of all the details and what you can expect.

What Are The Four Percent Workout Templates?

They’re plug-and-play templates that TEACH YOU how to program your own workout. Just like a puzzle, the pieces only fit together if they WORK for you. A general PDF, cookie-cutter plan, or one-size-all methodology doesn’t take into consideration your goals, your workout environment, or the equipment you have your disposal, which isn’t a problem here because you’re in control.

Each template will include:

  • A holistic monthly focus
  • A plug-and-play system of drills revolving around the central, most efficient lifts
  • Three, full-body workouts, to be repeated weekly for the entire month
  • Specific rep range

Program your own workout using a fool-proof template and then follow it for four-five weeks. 

Give a bish a fish; she’ll eat a meal. Teach a bish to fish, and she’ll eat her whole fahkin’ life.

Where Can I Access Them?

Right here on this site! I’ll be uploading your monthly, downloadable template to the “Workout Templates” section under the Workouts menu tab.


When Can I Get Them?

The Four Percent Workout Templates will be available on the first Monday of the month.

How Does One Execute The Four Percent Workout Templates?

Each month I’ll post the template and will promote via my Instagram stories. If you don’t already follow me, please consider it! I post all about fitness, nutrition, strength training, my adorable son, and roast my husband.

All I need from you is your email address. No worries, I’ll never spam you, I can promise you that. Enter your email and download YOUR template for the month.

Plug your workouts and track your progress using the tracker found in THIS post. Spoiler alert: It looks like this.

Progressive Overload

Who Should Use The Four Percent Workout Templates?

Literally, anyone who wants to make the most of their time in the gym.

What Drills Should I use?

It’s literally up to you. If I say “Back,” you have the freedom and autonomy to select ANY targeted drill that works for you and your fitness environment.

The catch? That drill should remain consistent throughout the month.

What’s the point of all of This?

I started this platform in 2013 with one goal, to educate, inspire, and be a one-stop-shop for all those in pursuit of a life better lived. I created this space to give you the knowledge and tools to help you make your goals your reality, without a list of rules, a cookie-cutter PDF or restriction. This blog exists to give you the prowess you need to feel empowered, not only in the gym and the kitchen, but when you’re living YOUR LIFE and balancing the demands of your day-to-day, To help you feel “on track” even when you’re off the rails. These templates are one more step in The Four Percent’s innovation.

Why Only Three Workouts?

You don’t need to work out every day. In fact, you shouldn’t. Recovery is crucial to your fitness protocol, and if you’re not taking it, you will NOT make progress. This workout system is designed for maximal effort in the gym, and the highest quality of life outside of it.

Read more about your recovery strategy here.

When Should I workout and When Should I Recover?

When it works for you – duh, there is no RIGHT or WRONG time to workout, and there should never be a time requirement – ever.

How much do The Four Percent Workout Templates cost?

Bish, it’s on the house.

The fitness and wellness industry caters to those who live a privileged life, but regardless of your budget, improving your life, changing your body, and getting that high that comes from a solid lift should be available to everyone.


Because of the complimentary nature of this content, I’m unable to answer specific questions, provide 1:1 technical customer service, give ongoing feedback or guidance, etc. At this time, I’m not providing a visual demo, but the aim is to keep drills basic enough where any google search can provide a variety of demos. You get it. Right?

For general questions, I’m always available via DM.

What if I want to connect with the other bishes using these templates?

Use and follow the hashtag #tfptraining to connect with our incredible community of HIGHLY ENGAGED, dedicated, authentic, and fahkin cool people. Truly, I am blown away by the caliber of questions, comments, and thoughtful DM’s that grace my inbox and comments on the daily. I’d love it if you got to know each other.

In Conclusion

A quick recap. 

Get to work, and HAVE FUN. The process is all we have, and I promise this a good one.


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