About Me

Hi! I’m Kate Lemere; a brand strategist turned fitness trainer and writer in the city of Chicago.


My mission is simple.

To help people understand the basics of fitness so they can find a lifelong process they love; without restriction. There are THOUSANDS of ways to change your body or reach your health and fitness goals, but the best way is the one that works for you. 

I create content that helps you help yourself. 


There are so.many.trainers in real life and on Instagram who can help you lose weight or “tone up” – some in as little as ten days(!!!!!!)!

But I will teach you the fundamentals of training and nutrition so you can set the foundation for life long success, without starting or stopping, detoxes or teas, and without identifying foods as good or bad. 

This platform is for anyone who wants to stop guessing and start taking control of their habits, behaviors, and mindset to workout hard, eat right, and live their best life. 

I’ve spent that last decade honing my craft as a trainer, expanding my knowledge, finetuning my voice and articulation, and I’ve come a long way.

I’m so proud of the major milestones and certifications I’ve received to make me who I am today.

  • Nike Master Trainer
  • Barry’s Founding Trainer, Chicago
  • NCSF Personal Trainer
  • Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

And I’m just getting started. 


You can find me at Barry’s Chicago, on Instagram, or belly up at a Chicago bar with a dirty martini or buttery chardonnay in hand. 

The time is now to make your body and to make yourself so you can live the life you actually want. I can help. 

Want to say hi? Hit me up. For all business inquiries, collaborations, or partnerships, get at me HERE.