My Go-To Strength Building Drills


To build full-body strength you’ve got to prioritize efficient, full-body drills. Below are my top 10 strength-building drills to build muscle, create a killer pump (and afterburn effect), and keep your metabolism efficient AF to burn fat throughout the day.

The best part of each exercise is they all target one primary driver, but hit secondary and tertiary muscle groups for a full-body effect. When I’m in the gym these are my go-to’s; I’ll put them together in any order, a variety of rep ranges and play around with tempo and cadence. You can’t go wrong.

My Top Ten Strength Building Drills

  1. Any squat variety
  2. Any deadlift
  3. Split squats, or Bulgarian split squats
  4. Any row variety
  5. Standing overhead press
  6. Bench press
  7. Glute bridge or hip thrust
  8. Push-ups
  9. Chin-ups
  10. 45* lateral shoulder raise

Now that you’ve got the drills read this to put them together for one kick-ass workout, and if you don’t know how to do any of the above exercises do a YouTube or Google search.

Ugh, I have got to start taking my own demo pictures and videos. I’m so aware of it…

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