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Just by being here, you’re on the path to pursue a life better lived – in and out of the gym and kitchen. But this journey is tough, and that cannot be underestimated. The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. This community provides the most up-to-date fitness, nutrition, and health evidence-based information. Get off Instagram, and get into an entire network of reliable and trustworthy information.

The Four Percent Community Membership offers support to complement your process and continued education through four outlets.

The Community Lecture

On the first of each month, a pre-recorded lecture will be uploaded to your member portal in HOME ROOM. You’ll have access to the recording and material for the entire month – regardless of when you sign up. The lecture is available for the month it goes live, and for that month ONLY, so get it while it’s hot!!

I’ll send you a reminder to download the content before it disappears. Don’t worry. I got you!

2022 Lecture Schedule

  • JANUARY: The Beginners Guide to Fitness and Nutrition
  • FEBRUARY: Optimizing Core Training
  • MARCH: Assessing Bodily Proportion and Drill Form Workshop
  • APRIL: The Problem with Weight Loss and the Cost of Being Lean
  • MAY: The Fundamentals of Supplementation
  • JUNE: Nutrition for Fat Loss vs. Nutrition for Well-Being 
  • JULY: Training Mechanics: Full Range of Motion vs. Partial Range
  • AUGUST: Corrective Exercises for Training Through Injury
  • SEPTEMBER: Overcoming Injury, Setbacks, and Challenges
  • OCTOBER: Time Management 101
  • NOVEMBER: Training Periodization and Protocol Management
  • DECEMBER: Identifying Fad Diets and Breaking Free of Diet Culture

The Community Forum

Finally, your membership grants you access to a private social network. Think a combination of Slack, Pinterest, and Facebook. Connect with like-minded individuals, dig deep within yourself, and continue your personal development.

I’ll post blog-like content  throughout the week, and you can provide commentary, perspective, breakthroughs, and more. You opt-in to the notifications you receive and can participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable. I’ll say this – the more you engage, the better EVERYONE’S experience will be. So come on in, and don’t be shy!

The forum content are unique pieces of information NOT found on Instagram, examples include:

  • Gear I’ve recently purchased and love
  • Recipes I’m loving
  • A breakdown of research that will help you understand the monthly lecture topic
  • Ideas for your recovery and self-care
The Community Forum

This is an INCREDIBLE amount of content for the cost of your monthly, quarterly, or yearly membership (coming soon!). 

The lecture schedule is designed to compliment Foundation, but that’s okay if you haven’t taken the course!

The knowledge you receive will set you up for success for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, regardless of your season or goals. Never rely on a fad diet, cookie-cutter program, or PDF again. 

This is where you take your power back. This is where you start your pursuit for a life better lived.