Bodyweight 12 Minute Workout


Monday mornings tend to crave the snooze button. Even with those extra zzz’s don’t let yourself make an excuse to skip your daily sweat. Wherever you are break it down with this 12 minute workout. Each drill should be performed for a full 60 seconds, that being said, fatigue will for sure set in and you’ll be sucking wind every minute on the minute.

Push ups (odd minutes) are a total body drill – so perform them as such. Keep your quads, hamstrings and glutes engaged. Your core tight and your shoulder positioned over your elbows and hands. For the HIIT drills (even minutes) let your breath help your body.

Pace yourself to avoid burning out to get as many reps as you can during the 60-second push.

  1. Push Ups
  2. Burpees
  3. Push Ups
  4. Jumping Jacks
  5. Push Ups
  6. Squat Jumps
  7. Push Ups
  8. High Knees
  9. Push Ups
  10. Jumping Lunges
  11. Push Ups
  12. Burpees

Modify as needed. Move from one drill to the next with minimal recovery. Finish strong. Go forth and live your life.

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