Strength Building Tabatas

It doesn’t get much better than building lean muscle mass while you torch calories and burn fat. Get yourself weekend ready with this 10-20 minute Tabata workout. Alternating between high intensity drills for your 20 second sets of work and isometric holds for your 10 second “recoveries,” you’ll work without resting and push your body to fatigue. A liiiiiitle longer than a traditional Tabata, but don’t even think about complaining. If you’re really suckin’ wind between sets take no more than 30 seconds to get back at it.

Tabata and Isometric Hold Workout

  • Set 1 – Repeat 2x
    • Jump Squats for 20 seconds
    • Push Ups for 10 seconds (Half Range of Motion)
  • Set 2 – Repeat 2x
    • Jumping Jacks for 20 seconds
    • Glute Bridge Hold for 10 seconds
  • Set 3- Repeat 2x
    • Mountain Climbers for 20 seconds
    • Forearm Plank for 10 seconds
  • Set 4 – Repeat 2x
    • Froggers for 20 seconds
    • Reverse Plank for 10 seconds
  • Set 5 – Repeat 2x
    • Burpees for 20 seconds
    • Hollow Body for 10 seconds
  • Set 6 – Repeat 2x
    • Fast Feet for 20 seconds
    • Forward Lunge Isolation – Right Side – for 10 seconds
  • Set 7 – Repeat 2x
    • High Knees for 20 seconds
    • Forward Lunge Isolations – Left Side – for 10 seconds
  • Set 8 – Repeat 2x
    • Tuck Jumps for 20 seconds
    • Squat Hold for 10 seconds

Make your transitions QUICK and don’t start your time until you’re situated to start each drill. Transition time doesn’t count, okay?!  If you’re feeling really aggressive (or have a weekend of heavy drinking planned, go ahead and do each set three times. Wink!)


  1. Hi Kate!

    Quick question on the March 14 “best of both worlds” workout. It’s supposed to be a tabata but each set says “repeat 2x” next to it. Are we supposed to do each set 8 times before moving to the next or only 2 times?

    Thanks and love your blog!

    • Hey gal! Yes, it’s a little longer than a traditional Tabata, but you’ll still perform each drill for 20 seconds during the work periods and recover for 10 seconds during the periods of recovery. Repeat each set twice! 🙂

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