Clean Eating To Go

Clean Eating on the Road

Committing to a healthy lifestyle definitely is accompanied by some challenges. It’s easy to remain dedicated when we’re at home embedded in a daily routine but the second we step outside of our carefully planned bubble all hell breaks loose.

Now, the holidays are upon us. Temptation will be at every corner and it all begins the moment we sit down in the car for that 5 hour drive to your second cousin’s brother’s house, or board your flight to visit your parents cross-country. The below are my tips for keeping your travel routine clean to start your holiday season the healthy way.

Traveling By Car:

While it may take longer, traveling via car gives you the most flexibility and many opportunities to accommodate your healthy lifestyle. There are no security restrictions which means you can pack whatever the hell you want! So amaze. As a notorious over packer I wouldn’t put it past myself to pack not only ten pairs of shoes, but also my magic bullet so I don’t have to go a day without a green smoothie.

If hunger strikes while you’re en route Google the nearest grocery store  and stock up so you are set for the duration of your road trip. If there is a Whole Foods nearby, you can consider yourself #winning. You can pick up pre-cooked grilled chicken, salmon or tofu and hit up the salad bar.

If you prefer to pre-cook your protein/meats seal them up in a Ziploc and stash them on ice in a small cooler. Pack a canvas bag filled with apples, packets of tuna, avocados and marcona almonds.

My typical car carry-on looks like this:
– Hard boiled eggs
– Bananas
– Packets of Justin’s Almond Butter
– Deli turkey rolled around steamed asparagus
– Sweet potatoes sliced in coins
– Greek yogurts (don’t forget the spoons)

If you’re the driver, don’t eat behind the wheel, watch yourself and those around you! I should note that I am NEVER the driver on a car road-trip. In fact, I’m a horrible driver and therefore prefer to be the passenger. I should also note I’m horrible at being a passenger because I can’t read a map, forget to give directions (“Oh wait, you should have gotten off at that exit, my bad!”) and fall asleep whenever I’m not eating said nosh. I’m a real treat – but redeem myself playing radio DJ.

Traveling by Plane:
Flying takes away some of the flexibility in your packing options. There are security restrictions which means you have to pack stsrategically and plan carefully otherwise your shiz will get confiscated! Contrary to what some people believe all meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, potatoes, rice and solid foods are allowed through security! Yes! But, if you’re packing liquids or sauces make sure you get travel sizes, or less than three milliliters of the following:

– Mustard or other condiments
– Dressings
– Peanut or nut butters

Here’s a tip: ice packs are only allowed if they are frozen. Once thawed, forget about it, buh bye. Instead, pack Ziploc baggies and hightail it to a starbucks or an airport restaurant once you’re past your check point and ask for a scoop or two of ice, safe!

For short and long flights, pack accordingly. Don’t be that a-hole bringing tuna on a plane, or anything else that could potentially smell up your cabin.

My typical flight carry-on looks like this:

– Pre-cooked turkey burgers (I don’t mind eating them cold)
– Dry oats in baggies, (ask the flight attendant for the same hot water used for tea and a cup to mix it up with)- Rice cakes
– Baked sweet potatoes measured in baggies
– Cashews
– Avocados
– Any vegetables (cut up peppers, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, etc)
– Grapes or mangos for a sweet treat

I mean – these are just examples, I’m not saying I eat ALL of that on a flight to New York or whatever. Just some food for thought (HA!).

This holiday season we’re all going to indulge a little bit, and that’s okay. Remember this motto? Start where you are, be healthy when and where you can. We work so hard we should enjoy and indulgence now and then. So don’t worry about that sugar cookie, the slice of pie, fourth second glass of wine, or the second helping of mashed potatoes. Start where you are next time and eat (whole foods), drink (water) and be merry. We’ve got our health, we’ve got each other, and that is something to celebrate!

Have a very happy start to the holiday season, friends!


  1. Sister Mollie

    Hey Katie Ann, great article. I am in the airport as I am reading this. I have a long flight ahead of me from OC to Chicago, via Denver without changing planes. I made myself a huge breakfast of turkey bacon and egg whites with peppers, tomatoes, and avocado. I am enjoying a nonfat cappuccino in the airport. I should be set until chi-city! See you tonight for the Hunger Games movie!!

  2. Great suggestions!!!

  3. Nicole Kaufmann

    Love this! Although I have had peanut butter confiscated before, I have also gotten giant tubs of yogurt through security, so…take a risk sometimes 😉 Also, you would have loved my carry-on for my FOURTEEN HOUR flight to Australia – I’m pretty sure I looked like looked like a hoarder with a fear of starving due to the 5 lbs of food in my bag, but I was sure as hell not eating that shizz mystery airplane “food”!

    • Good to know, girl! The brand Justin’s almond butter also comes in packets, so probably a safe bet! Although, I’d most likely eat the entire serving in one sitting!

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