The Apps I Can’t Live Without


A gratuitous post to share a list of all the apps that keep me on track to reach my goals.


Every piece of content I create lives in the Evernote platform.

  • Instagram captions, that way I can repurpose them for blog posts, or revisit topics in for speaking engagements
  • Answers to my Q&A’s so I can repurpose the frequently asked ones
  • My work agendas and notes
  • The topics and drafts for my blog content
  • My master to-do list

I have a premium account, so what I do on my computer transitions to my phone and vice versa. I’m trying to be as paperless and agile as I can be, and this app makes it possible. If you don’t have it, consider getting it!

Get organized, bish.


I have been open about my experience with postpartum depression on this blog as well as my Instagram. I started meditating as a way to help manage my stress and anxiety and was fortunate enough to work with Headspace in the process; you can read all about it here, here, and here.

Meditation isn’t something I love, or necessarily feel like I’m “good at” but the days that start with a 10-minuted guided session are ALWAYS better than the ones that don’t, so I commit to making it a practice. Curious? Try for yourself.

Lose It!

My favorite app – hands down – to track calories and log my meals. I don’t always track calories, but when I do, this is the best platform IMO, and yes, I like it even better than My Fitness Pal!!

A few tips:

  • Spring for premium, you’ll unlock additional capabilities that make it that much easier and functional to use
  • Do a manual input of calories* using one of THESE formulas, instead of the balance populated by the app
  • Don’t eat calories burned from exercise!!!!!!! I REPEAT DO NOT
  • Track protein!

*Do this by going in your profile, editing the settings, and then click “weight loss plan.” The next screen has a small link to “adjust budget.”

Try it for yourself.

Nike Training Club

The only training app you need – seriously. The Nike Training Club team just launched its premium subscription over the summer, and it’s worth every penny. With it, you get access to:

  • Programming provided by industry-leading trainers
  • Workouts across all modalities
  • Premium content across health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness
  • Tips and recommendations for gear that’ll take your training to the next level

Nike Training Club is my go-to source for workouts when I’m looking to change up my routine or am traveling for work or vacation. Download it here, and get to work.

The General Podcast App

I use my daily commute to consume self-development and educational content. I use the general podcast app, and it’s right front and center on my home screen for easy access. Check out my favorite podcasts here.


A portion of my job requires to be in a studio with LOUD music or working from a studio playing LOUD MUSIC. So when I’m by myself or working out solo, I don’t usually listen to music. Crazy, right? I listen to books and tear through two-ish each month.

Start a free trial and get hooked.


This app allows you to plan your Instagram posts so you can visualize what your grid will look like before posts go live. While I don’t let my grid dictate what gets posted and what doesn’t, I like my feed to fall in line with my “aesthetic,” and it helps keep tiles looking clean, streamlined, and telling a nice story. If you’re a content creator, it’s a must. I do NOT have the premium version of this app and don’t feel the need to upgrade.


My husband got me a subscription to this app for my birthday, and I am FAHKING OBSESSED WITH IT. Oh my GOD. I cannot get enough. I am a sucker for anything self-development, continuing education, and if the word Master Class is on it, I want it. Believe me, when I say, it’s the best gift ever. 

The look/feel is as if a Ted Talk and A Chef’s Table had a baby. It’s SO informative, produced BEAUTIFULLY. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. BUY IT.


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