The Ultimate Fitness Gift Guide


The ultimate fitness gift guide for the gym enthusiast in your life. Happy shopping and happy start to the holidays!


Your Fitness Gift Guide for the Workout

1. A gift card to Barry’s (duh): Treating your friend or loved one to his or her fitness class is the gift that keeps on giving. You literally cannot go wrong. Barry’s does gift cards, so email, call or stop by your local studio to get one and load it up for you and yours. Grab a cute accessory like this tote to stash the card in for a little bit of EXTRA generosity.

2. Subscription to Nike Training Club: This app is the BEST app for fitness on the go and because it’s the best, it’s my go-to for hotels, vacations, or any time I’m out of my natural fitness habitat. A premium account is worth every penny. Another chance to get extra browning points, throw in a racerback as the cherry on top.

3. Cobra Grips: A GAME CHANGER for helping your grip while progressing your load. I use them for barbell work, but you can use them for dumbbells and free-motion machines too.

4. Dannah Eve Total Body Band Set: Dannah Eve is a Chicago bish who just launched her band system. She gifted me a set, and I have been LOVING them for glute finishers.

5. Water bottle: You literally can never have too many, and this one is my favorite because there are little time markers to help you visualize your water intake. Go the extra mile and add THESE all-natural electrolyte sick packs. I’m absolutely hooked.

6. Lightweight Sports bra: My favorite style to wear solo or underneath a cute workout tank. If you’re giving a gift to a bish who goes to Barry’s and pop your top in that Red Room, this is a must-have!


8. Training shoes: The best shoes for lifting (LIFTING, NOT RUNNING), hands down. Any bish who loves a barbell needs ’em.

9. Socks: Like walking on butter.

The Pre and Post Workout Guide

10. Cropped Cotton Sweatshirt: I’ve got one in black and gray and wear them on repeat to and from the studio, and at home to lounge.

11. Commuter shoes: CLASSIC.

12. ISM Backpack + Charger: I was recently introduced to this brand and have been loving this backpack. It’s lightweight as fahk and holds EVERYTHING. Additionally, you can also purchase a portable phone charger, which holds its charge for DAYS. Super key.

13. Sunglasses: I’m a fitness professional, and yet my most asked question on Instagram is, “What sunglasses are those?” Shaking my damn head, LOL. You can’t beat the price, so get them in all the colors.

14. Lip Slip: It’s expensive, but this lip slip eaves you looking put together with zero fuss. Trust.

15. Eyelash curler: You don’t even need mascara with this lift.

16. Bare Minerals finishing powder: Leaves a beautiful, light finish to maintain the post-sweat glow, without looking beat red.

17. Virtue dry shampoo: The best ever. End of story. And because of that, if you purchase anything on this fitness gift guide, THIS IS IT.

18. Clear organizer bags: Organizational PRO TIP – keep your bag organized by putting your shit in smaller bags. These are perfect for stashing your cords/chargers, essentials, make-up, and more. I’ve got 3-4 in my bag at all times full of all the shit I need.

19. AirPods: A luxury for sure, but they’re nice to have.

20. Card case: This one is a total splurge…but it’s super fun.

21. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer: EVERY BISH NEEDS THIS.

Your Gift Guide for Recovery

22. Theragun: Your ability to recover will dictate the quality and frequency of your training sessions and because of that you’ve got to set yourself up for success. This is the best percussive therapy device on the market.

23. Subscription to Headspace: I’ve been meditating since August and have loved my experience. Gift a premium membership and pair it with a book like The Daily Stoic to give the gift of reflection and self-improvement.

24. Candle: You can’t go wrong. Ever.

25. Diffuser: The same benefits of a scented candle, but like, flameless, so you’ll never have that “oh shit” moment when you walk out the door questioning if you forgot to blow anything out!

26. Book of the Month Club: A friend recommended this to me, and I love it. Not only is it a break from all the screens, but it keeps me sharp and my vocabulary fresh. Use THIS link for a little discount!

27. Wine Club: My favorite winery in Napa, and actually I’m about two seconds away from joining myself! CHEERS, bish! Everything in moderation, you know? If it were up to me, every fitness gift guide would include some form of booze.

28. Dainty jewelry: I love this brand, it’s super affordable but HIGH QUALITY, and therefore you can wear it without taking it off EVER, and it won’t change color.


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