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I started grease training my hair six years ago. I was working in the advertising world, knee-deep in campaign production, working around the clock, and feeling like a chicken with my head cut off. To accommodate my job, workouts, and a small semblance of a social life, I scheduled every minute of my day from the moment I woke up until the second my head hit my pillow. It was seriously a crazy way to live.

One day, I was on the phone with my sister and told her I had to end our conversation because I had to shower, do my hair and makeup, and get myself out the door. She responded, “Oh, I only wash my hair once a week.” The statement stopped me in my tracks; I was shook. How did she do it?! I thought to myself, if I don’t wash my hair every day, I’m a hot greasy mess.

It was at that moment I was introduced to grease training.  A concept that single-handedly changed my routine, and continues to save a minimum of 6 hours of my time each week.


Grease Training: It’s a Thing

My sister didn’t invent it, its been around for YEARS if you know…you know. If you don’t, read on.

What Makes Hair Greasy in the First Place?

Your scalp contains sebaceous glands that produce an oil called sebum. While sebum benefits the hair by keeping strands from drying out and breaking overactive glands, it can leave you looking slick and greasy.

How to Start Grease Training

It’s super simple. Decrease the number of washes you do per week slowly over time until you reach your max duration. A bish has to stay hygienic, so do everyone a favor and maintain a weekly wash. WINK!

If you wash your hair every day, drop down to washing your hair every other day, or every three days. If you wash your hair every other day, cut back to washing every two or three days. By doing so, you increase your hair’s “endurance” and decrease the production of oil or grease.

Over time, you’ll find you’re able to maintain a blowout or styling for longer. The process can take a month, or it can take six depending on who you are and your body. You may find you can go for eight days, or your max is three. Either way, that’s a vast improvement from daily, and a ton of time you’re able to put to other things.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Often, cheap or low-quality shampoos and conditioners are made with oils or silicon that strip your hair of its natural oils, thus drying out your hair. Your scalp produces more sebum to protect, and you’re left with a vicious cycle of rinse and repeat. Talk about a total time suck. I don’t have time for it, and I’m pretty sure you don’t either.

By now, you probably have caught on and know I LOVE the haircare brand, Virtue Labs. Read my love story here, and here. Their products are unique because of the main ingredient, Alpha Keratin 60ku (protein!!), is so closely related to the natural protein in hair, that it’s recognized as its own and uses it to repair and rebuild damaged strands without stripping them of their natural oils.

Are they an investment? Oh, yah. But it’s not just for your hair. It’s for your TIME. A unit of measurement that cannot be renewed, purchased, or borrowed.

The Routine

I start every month with a Virtue Restorative hair mask. And while my 24-year old self will cringe at this next statement, I stand by it.

I sincerely look forward to it. LOLZ.

My son goes for a nap or to bed, my husband watches TV or does whatever he does in his jeans, I pour a cup or glass of something and take a 20-minute shower, mask and all. I’m by myself, and I don’t have to talk to anyone, I don’t even listen to music or a podcast. Peace. Quiet. Calm. Bliss.

Please do not @ me on water usage. I am trying my best, okey. 

Virtue Labs

Every Week:

Find A Compatible Style

I’ve learned whenever I wear my hair straight, my hair gets greasy in a day or two. But if I were my hair in waves, the style lasts, and the grease is less apparent. It works for me, and I stick to it so I can maximize my blowout and my time.

Kate Lemere

Pictured: Me, with my blowout, annoyed with my husband.

Bishes will ask, “But what about your workouts?!” I should mention that my scalp doesn’t get super sweaty. During a workout, I’ll keep my hair in a top knot or loose ponytail. After my workout, I’ll immediately take the bun or ponytail out, and blow-dry the sweat with my fingers, do not use a brush!!!!! Brushing hair can distribute the oil from the roots to the tips, so use your fingers sparingly. I’ll use some dry shampoo and be on my way.

Stick With It

The first month of my grease training felt horrific; I would look in the mirror and feel like I looked like a drowned rat. Six years later, I can go a solid seven days without batting an eye, and it’s seriously amazing because I’m able to maximize my mornings. I don’t feel rushed; I don’t feel like I’m behind and it’s empowering.

Here’s a quick list of everything I do in the morning instead of drying my hair:

  • Sleep longer
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Answer a few quick emails
  • Cuddle with Luke
  • Play with Luke
  • Make Luke’s breakfast
  • Drink coffee leisurely and sing songs and chat with Luke while he eats breakfast
  • Unload the dishwasher from the night before, so my kitchen counter is clear and sink is empty
  • Pack my meals
  • Make my breakfast and my husband’s breakfast LIKE THE FAHKING CULINARY GODDESS AND WIFE OF THE YEAR THAT I AM.
  • Workout for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES
  • Take a body shower
  • Write my daily to-do’s

Whoa. Awesome, right?

Depending on the day, I get to work anywhere between 8:15 AM and 9:30 AM. Just in time to start the grind. Fahk yes. If that’s not reason enough to give this grease training thing a go, I don’t know what is.

In Conclusion

When I say this system has changed my life, I’m not kidding. Grease training your hair isn’t about a look; it’s about your routine or lack thereof. The less time I spend getting ready means I have more time to spend doing things that matter. I’m willing to invest in quality products to give back to myself in terms of time, energy, and efficiency. To me, that’s the best return there is.

The Fine Print

This post is part of a collaboration with Virtue Labs for which I’m being compensated to create unique content and express my personal, and truthful opinions. I hope you found this to be helpful and interesting, and as always, I would LOVE to hear your feedback. Slide into my DM’s and talk to me!

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