Getting the Most Mileage from Your Blowout

I’m going to start this post with the bottom line. I struggled with finding my identity after having my son, especially after being diagnosed with pelvic dysfunction and organ prolapse. Every time I looked in the mirror, the reflection faded, and all I could FEEL was my pelvic heaviness, discomfort, and (so much) anxiety. I didn’t view myself as beautiful, sexual, desirable, or feminine, and I felt betrayed.

Wow, that’s a downer of an opener. Sorry, I had to set the stage before I continued.

I know happiness comes from within, I know that. But the bout of confidence that comes with the perfect outfit, a shade of lipstick, or a great hair day brings is undeniable. I don’t get joy from getting ready, and makeup and clothes don’t do it for me. The less time I can spend in front of my closet or the bathroom, the better. Regardless, over the last five months, I’ve been in a constant state of feeling “blah,” and I needed to find something that could add a little “jushe” to my routine that could help me get back on the horse and feel like myself.

Evaluating My Current Routine

My “look” is the result of a fresh face, and styled hair, but the second Luke was born I stopped prioritizing blowouts, and it didn’t take long for me to realize I am completely inept when it comes to DIY styling. Evaluating my situation, I realized the motley crew of products from Target and my 10-year old round brush wasn’t helping my case.

Randomized protocol in and out of the gym NEVER leads to results. If you have a goal, you’ve got to have a plan and the tools to reach it, and it has to make sense. I viewed my grooming as no exception.

So I did what I would do in any instance where I don’t know what the fahk I’m doing. I GOOGLED AND DID SOME RESEARCH. I looked for tips and tricks on what to use and how to use them until I found a system that works for me.

Enter: A True Heroine. Virtue Labs.

As dramatic as this may sound, a haircare brand that genuinely changed my game. I’m all about science in the gym and the kitchen, so I was equally excited to learn the Virtue products are unique because of the main ingredient, Alpha Keratin 60ku (protein!!). It’s so closely related to our natural protein, hair recognizes it as its own and uses it to repair and rebuild damaged strands. Nice.

Virtue Labs

Hold, please.

I don’t want the following to out of context.

  • Did a haircare brand solve all my problems? Negative
  • Did having a good hair day turn me into a carefree mom with all her shit together? Nah.
  • Could I magically juggle my professional and personal life? Absolutely not.
  • Did my pelvic floor suddenly become a beacon of hope and strength?! LOL NO.

But did it help? Yah. It truly did.

A friend introduced me to Virtue Labs and the lineup of shampoos, conditioners, and styling agents added so much to my routine, confidence, and mindset I reached out to THEM for content collaboration, and it’s my honor they accepted.

After taking the time to develop a routine that works for ME, I wash my hair ONCE a week, maintain it for days while feeling like a milli, and spend less time in front of the mirror and more time with my family, friends, and clients. To me, that’s invaluable. It’s the HIGHEST amount of reward (feeling great) for the LEAST amount of effort.

Getting the Most Mileage From Your At-Home Blowout

Literally everyone: …

Me: Hey, guys! SO many of you are asking about my hair routine I thought I’d pop on here and share.

But for real, I love to talk about the shit I love (have you guys been to Barry’s or heard of @taraspaderma?), and this is GOOD SHIT.

If your at-home styling routine needs a bit of a refresh, read on for how I get more mileage from my at-home blowout. I’ve done A LOT of trial and error and have it down.

Virtue Labs

Step 1: Wash

Shampoo once, and then shampoo again. I work in fitness and live in a large city. I only wash my hair once a week and therefore have a shit ton of sweat, pollution, and product to cleanse. I’ve tried almost all of the Virtue shampoos and conditioners, but the RECOVERY is my favorite to keep my color looking pristine. Condition from midshaft to ends ONLY. I’m not 100% why this works, but it keeps my hair grease-free for longer, so that’s a win.

Step 2: Wet Style

Previously, I dreaded washing my own hair because it was long as fahk, and would end up being a NEST of knots. Using the Virtue shampoo/conditioners has made a HUGE difference, but so has the concept of a WET BRUSH. One of the Virtue brand managers sent me THIS brush for wet hair and explained dry hair is strong, but wet hair strands are much more fragile. This paddle detangles without sacrificing or pulling hair in the process. I literally didn’t put two and two together that brushing with the wrong brush or even towel drying too roughly can lead to breakage.

I don’t know about you, ma, but my postpartum hair loss was a REAL trip, so I’m looking to keep my hair as healthy as possible RN. 

On wet hair, I slather Moisture-Defining Whip* to roots through ends. If I’m REALLY feeling myself, I’ll spray the Volumizing Primer.

*Note: At the moment, MDW is SOLD the fahk out. But keep an eye out for it in the future!

Step 3: Dry + Style

If you don’t have THIS hair dryer, stop what you’re doing and buy it. I kid you not when I say it’s one of the BEST purchases I made in 2018. It’s so easy and produces the same results as round brushing, a skill I was never able to learn, in HALF the time. I’ve used both this curling iron (as a wand) and this wand for beachy waves and like them equally. I used to straighten my hair religiously, but now I don’t fahk with it because the waves are better for longevity.

Not pictured, the eight other irons/wands I purchased and returned because they were either overpriced or ineffective: hashtag, market research. Hashtag, a focus group of ONE bish.

I add the Split End Serum to my ends and my postpartum baby hairs and then top it all off with the Shaping Spray.

Step 4: Maintain

I’ve found that the crux of longevity is quality products, and these are worth their value. Not to mention, I go months without needing to replenish most of the products. THAT MEANS THEY’RE BASICALLY FREE. THAT’S HOW THAT WORKS, RIGHT? LET IT BE KNOWN TO ALL THE HUSBANDS.

“Grease training” your hair is a thing (a post I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks), so I’ve worked my way up to a weekly wash. If you think there’s no way you could ever, trust me, you could. This “plan” is something I developed through trial and error, and now that I found it, I’m sticking with it.

  • Day 1: Wash and style per the above
  • Day 2: Finesse style using Texture Spray
  • Day 3: Absorb grease and maintain style with Dry Shampoo
  • Day 4: Maintain style with Dry Shampoo + LIGHT Texture cocktail
  • Day 5: Style with LIFT and hold on for dear life
  • Day 6: Low bun with Finishing Spray and let Jesus take the wheel until ready to wash again

Virtue Labs

Okay, we need to talk about this LIFT powder. A little goes A LONG way. My first rodeo was way overboard and out of control, but once I got the hang of the product, it quickly became my favorite. Check out the height on day five?! Hai.

In Conclusion

There you have it, the DIY haircare routine that no one asked for (okay, like three people did), but I hope it’s helpful. To bring everything back full circle, did the above strengthen my pelvic floor, or turn motherhood into a walk in the park? No.

But it helped me find a piece of control in a world where I feel consumed by chaos, and it did help me find a part of myself I thought I lost. The “old” me that was ALWAYS situated and well-kempt. She’s no longer with us, but in my heart of hearts, I’m okay with it.

As a Scorpio, I try (keyword, try) to be a “glass half full” kind of person, but some days are harder than others. I try to make a habit of counting my blessings, be mindful of my privilege, and acknowledge that while I have some challenges in my present moment, I am truly lucky and fortunate to have a roof over my head, food on my table, and a healthy and happy family.

Sometimes it’s easier to count said blessings with beachy waves!!! YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY, THEY HIGHER THE HAIR THE CLOSER TO GOD AND IMMA BELIEVER.


The Fine Print

This post is part of a collaboration with Virtue Labs for which I’m being compensated to create unique content and express my personal, and truthful opinions. I have to admit, this post was a true labor of love, and my hat is off to “influencers” who do these paid partnerships all the time because I feel SO much pressure to deliver. Not only to deliver to the Virtue team but to YOU. It is my top priority to provide a platform that adds value, shares carefully researched content and is a space free of the crap that inundates so much of the web. I hope you found this to be helpful and interesting, and as always, I would LOVE to hear your feedback. Slide into my DM’s and talk to me!

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