2017 Fit Holiday Gift Guide


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, bishes! Rev your wallets and get shopping for your loved ones, and yourself with the 2017 Fit Holiday Gift Guide.


Workout: All the essentials to up your workout game.

Nike Women Varsity Joggers: The perfect pant to wear to-and-from the gym as soon as the temps drop. Trust.

Nike Women Classic Future Bra: An oldie but goodie that never goes out of style.

Nike Women VaporMax Shoe: There’s a whole line of these babies, and one shoe is hotter than the next. TBH, these a running shoe, but I only train/galavant in mine. My gait is way too fickle; I need a shoe that’s stable as fuck.

Nike Zoom Structure Running Shoe: Speaking of…these are my go-to running shoes. Even though I know it’s in my best interest to repurchase yearly; I have to admit I always begrudging hand over my debit card. Receiving them as a gift though, the BEST gift ever.

Barry’s FIT Kit: Barry’s just dropped the first installment of their holiday collection and gift guide online, and in-studio and SHIT is GOOD. This Fit Kit is super cute and a great way to organize your gym bag.

Recover: Sit back, relax and enjoy the body you work so hard for.

Capri Blue Candle: My home smells of Capri Volcano year round. It’s deep, musky, and yet super crisp.

Jade Roller: Your new fucking best friend. Throw this baby into the freezer and roll it upward and outward on your face when you’re tired, hungover, haggard, etc. It will make you feel amazing, and better yet, you’ll LOOK better. I buy these for my girlfriends on their birthdays, after they’ve had babies, and just because. They’re that good!

Lemon Charcol Scrub: If you’re in Chicago, you HAVE to check out the ladies at Scratch Goods. Two high school friends started the company knowing that our bodies absorb 70% of what we apply to our skin. They purged everything that was full of shit and had one hell of a time finding clean products to replace them. So what did they do? What any other bad bish would do. They created their own. This scrub leaves your body feeling soft, refreshed and luxurious.

Night Cream: A necessary element in any gal’s anti-aging routine which should start when you’re 20. If I could turn back time, I would have invested in a skincare routine 12 years ago. Instead, I’m making up for lost time. I love this cream because it isn’t thick, but feels super moisturizing.

Dr. Bronner’s Chapstick Pack: My favorite chapstick. I buy it in bulk so I can keep a stick in my gym bag, my work bag, my handbag, my coat pocket, my clutch, etc. Everyone could use an extra!

Dry Brush: Dry brushing your body has so many benefits, read all about it here. Plus it’ll make your shower look v Pinterest worthy.

Essential Oil Diffuser: I had been looking for an oil diffuser for our kitchen for months. I bought two and ended up returning them. They were too heavy, and the scent was overpowering. This Saje Diffuser is perfect. You’d hardly notice it if it weren’t for the hint of citrus, lemon, and grapefruit now and then.

Bralette: You can’t spend all this time in the gym and the kitchen without loving your body. It’s a small way to make yourself feel beautiful and luxurious.

Sheepskin Slippers: The second I walk in the door my hair is up, my sweats are on and these lined slippers are on my feet. They are so cozy and scream holidays.

Beautify: Treat yourself. And your friends.

Better Than Sex Mascara: In my opinion, one of the best (and affordable) mascaras out there. I’m blessed with naturally long eyelashes, but I LOVE to load them up with a ton of mascara to make my eyes pop. The gift that keeps on giving!

Oribe Dry Shampoo: WORTH. THE. PRICE. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

Matte Lipstick: The best way to feel good about yourself after a 6 AM workout, or from going to the gym to happy hour. I’m obsessed with MAC Lady Danger, and Russian Red. Pass it on.

Snail Eye Masks: Full disclosure, I don’t own these, but these are on my list since every blogger and influencer on Instagram is touting them undereye. THEY MUST WORK AND BE AMAZING, RIGHT?! Right. WINK!

Just for Fun: Duh.

Brass Terrarium: Super cute, and it’s crazy how a little something green can go a long way for your mood and your home’s aesthetic.

Beats by Dre Pill and Headphones: Full disclosure (again), I received these as gifts from the brand, but the following opinion is my own, I don’t know how I lived without them. The headphones are crucial for flights, and the pill is necessary for entertaining; BBQ’s, the beach, dinner parties, etc.

Macaroon Ornament: Usually, I like my tree to be super crisp and inline with a gold and white color scheme. This year, I’m trying to have some fun with it. These little macaroon ornaments are too cute and add a bit of humor to any tree without going over the top.

Letter Cinema Box: These are adorable. We have them at Barry’s, and the shit the front desk comes up with is truly hysterical. A fun conversation starter and an, even more, a fun way to decorate your home.

Coffee& Mug: Mel sent me these coffee mugs a few weeks ago, and I have been obsessed with them ever since. Her goal with Coffee& is to get women excited about connecting with other women- think coffee and a workout, coffee and a long walk, or coffee and a business meeting! She claims, “When women take the time to sit down and connect with other women, amazing things can happen! Ideas, epiphanies, lifelong friendships, and magic can take place!” I love any excuse to get together and support other bishes.

Pom Pom Hat: Speaking of supporting bishes. The badass babes from @shitthatiknit introduced themselves to me a few weeks ago and I’m FAHKING obsessed. They employ a group of women in Lima, Peru to knit their shit enabling them to take care of their children while bringing in income to support their families. Also, everything is CUTE. Winter is coming, bundle up, bishes. Use code “KateLemere” for 15% off.

Happy holidays!

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