Productivity Hack: Power of One


Time. The greatest barrier to reaching our fitness goals. There never seems to be enough of it and when we have it we may not know what to do with it. The days we’re able to tackle an entire to-do leaves us feeling accomplished and fulfilled. Those annoyingly not so productive days where we feel like our wheels are spinning are just that – annoying.

In order to maximize your schedule try this one minute productivity hack. It’s exactly what it sounds like, if you can do a chore or task in one minute do it immediately. For example, when you come home from work hang your coat up instead of putting it on a chair. Instead of letting your mail accumulate, open it and sort it right then and there. Skip the sink and put your dishes in the dishwasher right after you eat. They say, outer order contributes to inner happiness and it’s totally true.

This hack has made me feel more organized and in control of my schedule and therefore myself. It’s the small things that linger that add up to large daunting tasks. By eliminating the overwhelming sense of everything you have to do, you’re able to actually get your shit done! That means more time for you to do the things that matter, like working out, spending time with friends or being with your family.

The difference between how we feel after a productive day and an unproductive day are obvious. Instate this one minute hack and boost your efficiency to better prioritize your time and bask in the glorious sense of accomplishment day in and day out!

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    1. Right?! It’s easier said than done, but helps me stay so organized! Thanks so much for reading, Danni, I love getting your comments!