Five Minute Workout Motivation


Growing up a competitive swimmer, I will never forget the words of one of my high school swim coaches. After a hard week of two-a-days, long into the season, a lot of my thoughts would come from a place of “I can’t.” Looking at the cold water at 5:25am, I was one of the last people to get in the pool to start the warm up. Noticing my hesitation, one of the coaches walked over to me and said,

“Get in. If you want to get out in 5 minutes to go home, no one will stop you.”

He made it seem like it would be my choice, no judgement right? Except what he was really saying was no one would give a sh*t because I would only be hurting myself. Selling myself short. Deterring my progress and no one else’s. Long story short, I got in but I got out 55 minutes later.

Today, I still repeat those words when I need a motivational nudge. Yes, even people who love to workout sometimes need one. In all the years I’ve been implementing this practice I’ve left the gym after my warm up once. And in that instance I felt good about it. I prioritized rest. I reset my mental and physical being and was situated to hit it hard the following day. That to me was a win.

The next time you’re feeling a little lack luster give yourself the choice to get out. But in order to get out, you’ve got to at least get in.

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