Setting Short Term Goals

Goal Setting

For me, the beginning of the year came and went with good intentions, but little action. Coming off a European honeymoon, diving head first into two months of hectic business projects and travel, I had my resolutions but hadn’t been able to set a routine.

I won’t lie, it’s been a bit discouraging watching the world confront their fitness resolutions head on while I’ve worked with unpredictable and cramped hotel gyms, and tried to navigate the muddied waters of restaurant menus and craft service tables. Albeit, I can’t complain TOO much. My day job kicks ass! #wearevml

Come February 22nd, it’s time for an attitude check. The first of the year is like any other “Monday”. You don’t need a specific date or a particular day to make a change and start something new. Life happens! The only thing we can control is how we react. Has 2016 started off on a less than fitness focused or balanced start? Yes. Does it determine my success for the rest of the year? Hell no.

Start where you are and make your plan to move forward. For me, that means manageable, short term goals to be tackled 30-days at a time. I focus on one or two things so that I be realistic in what I can accomplish with my schedule at any given time. Whatever your goals are, you have to write them down. There’s something about putting pen to paper that establishes accountability and sets determination. 

Establish 3 Things:

1) Your action plan, or how your goals will come to fruition. BE SPECIFIC.

2) What you’re willing to sacrifice in order to prioritize your goal.

3) How you’ll measure success.  

Personally, the next 30 days are all about nutrition. Resetting my body, my cravings and consumption habits.

Here goes…

1) Action Plan

  • Writing out EVERY meal and breaking down each carb, protein and fat source
  • Preparing a clear and efficient grocery list
  • Grocery shopping on Sunday and Wednesday (is anyone else weird about left overs?)
  • Meal prepping on Sunday and Wednesday night
  • Pre-packing meals for easy access breakfasts, and workday meals and snacks

2) Sacrifices

  • I’m willing to sacrifice two hours of Sunday and one hour on Wednesday to dedicated meal prep. That means leaving work on time, dealing with rush hour at Whole Foods and spending less time lounging on the couch or out with friends during these designated hours.
  • I’m willing to sacrifice going out to lunch or dinner during the week.
  • I’m willing to deal with the “schlep.” You know what I’m talking about, when you look like a total bag lady carrying a work bag, a gym bag AND the meals-to-go bag. It’s not cute, but it’s fine.

3) Success Defined

In each week (personally) there are approximately 28 meal opportunities. I will feel successful if I prepare and consume 21 of them. That accounts for a few weekend brunches or dinners out and the occasional “oh shit” moment during the week where I just didn’t have myself together.

Easy? Not really. Do-able? Totally. While its smart to set long term goals, it’s equally beneficial (and more rewarding) to view those goals through a short term lens. You’re more likely to stay motivated and less likely to get discouraged. There are few things more refreshing than the sense of accomplishment.

If all goes accordingly to plan, this goal becomes a sustainable habit leaving me the bandwidth to tackle something else. 

Until next month…

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this post! I hands down agree with all of your points (i.e. a New Year’s start can be ANY day of the week, writing down goals and not biting off more than you can chew-no pun intended). Oh and you totally are not alone regarding your feelings to leftovers! Loved this one girl. Look forward to keeping up and reading your next post!

    – A fellow schleper #owningit