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Resources to Stay Fit on the Road

Traveling for the holidays? Don’t make an excuse while you’re on the road. Make a move. This time of year time is at a premium and often the holidays are used as a crutch to over indulge and leave fitness regimens by the wayside. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can have your holiday and enjoy it too with a little preparation. Here are my top resources to stay healthy and fit while I travel.


  • Nike Training Club: Have you guys heard about this? I’m slightly biased, but there is no better way to break a sweat. With workouts that range from 5-45 minutes you have no excuse not to workout.
  • Nike+Running: Allows you to track your route, distance, pace, time, calories and NikeFuel. Receive personalized coaching and real-time feedback to run better, faster and stronger. This app  will keep you going whether you’ve got three miles to run, or 26.2.
  • My secret weapon when it comes to working out on the road. My TRX fits in my carry-on luggage and turns a tree branch, a doorframe, or simple hotel gym into my playground. The TRX YouTube channel and app gives workouts and how-tos so I’m never without a few drills to put together to break a sweat.
  • BodyRockHiit YouTube Channel: The holy grail of YouTube fitness and it always delivers.

Eat Well

  • Fooducate: I try to grocery shop and cook for myself whenever possible and that goes from when I’m traveling too. This app allows you to scan a barcode for nearly any product which is then graded from A down to D based on product’s nutrition facts panel and ingredient list. Minimally processed, real foods with intrinsic nutrients will score better than processed foods that are poor in built-in nutrients.
  • Whole30 Grocery Shopping List: Said grocery trips are made easy with this grocery list chalk full of fibrous green veggies, lean proteins and clean carbs. Stock up so you have clean nosh before party time. Take the guess work out, you’ll be glad you did.
  • NomNom Paleo: A database of clean and paleo recipes. If you make a dish for your holiday parties you’ll be guaranteed to have something you can eat guilt free.
  • Clean Plates: An app that lets you filter nearby restaurants cuisine, price, or diet (gluten-free, vegan, raw, and more).


  • iBooks: Keep your body tight and your mind right! I don’t read as much as I’d like, but having iBooks on my phone lets me get a few pages in here and there when I’m commuting or find myself with some unexpected downtime.
  • Meditation Oasis Podcast: I am a light sleeper when I’m not in my own bed. I pop my earphones in and am out like a light before I’m even 10 minutes in. A great way to unwind and reset to end the day on a good note. Give it a try and see what I mean.
  • Trigger Point Grid: My Grid Mini goes with me everywhere so my body can recover quickly even while I’m stuck in hour-long car rides or flights.

Enjoy the holiday season!

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