Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

As a child of the 90’s, if someone had told me 20 years ago that I would be eating the very chia seeds that I was accessorizing a clay poodle with I would have looked at you and said you were nuts. I mean, dying from dysentery would have seemed more likely!!!! Chia seeds went from being pottery that grows to a superfood with countless health benefits.

After discovering this delicious dessert I have been incorporating chia seeds into my diet for meals, snacks and beyond. They’re so versatile and are an excellent source of healthy fat, which as you know from reading this post last week is something we’ll be exploring more as the month continues. Read on as I break down this tiny seed and why you should be asking your local Whole Foods associate where you can find them.

Fiber: An ounce of chia gives you 10-11 grams of fibre, or 42% of your recommended daily intake. It’s such an easy way to get your daily dose! Not only does it fulfill your daily quantity it also provides some of the highest quality. Chia is one of the richest sources of fiber. It also slows glucose absorption providing our bodies with more energy for longer periods of time.

Fat: Any seed will most likely be high in healthy fat content. Chia seeds typically have around 8-9 grams of healthy fat per serving. As we’ll continue to discuss, the body needs healthy fats in order to shed fat in the body. Chia is an excellent source that can be added to any meal of the day to fuel your body.

Protein: Per ounce there is about 4-5 grams of protein. This isn’t a lot per se but again, there is quality here. Chia is one of the plant sources that is a complete protein, meaning it contains amino acids that your body and muscles need to recovery effectively and efficiently. Are you a vegetarian or a vegan? See this post here for more plant based sources.

You can prepare meals or snacks using chia seeds whole or grounded. Unlike a flax seed, which is harder to digest in whole form, chia seeds are digestible regardless. I have been sprinkling these little babies in my egg whites or steel cut oats, salads, on top of my sweet potatoes. They don’t add a ton of value flavor wise, but they add a crunch which can be really refreshing and satisfy some cravings.

For more information please see here, here and here.

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