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I was really skeptical about the CBD movement. And when I say “skeptical,” I basically mean I thought it was a load of bullshit. Just one more thing to buy, and one more thing that would yield disappointing results.

Instagram is FULL of CBD products that make claims; it treats cancer, will reduce pain and inflammation, and the most promising of them all; aids with weight loss.

The reality?

It’s most likely not true. As a product, and an industry, CBD is still fairly new, and therefore there isn’t a ton of independent research that can put a firm stake in the ground of what it can and can’t achieve. Therefore, I formed an opinion long ago that CBD wasn’t for me.

I’ll be the first to admit; I changed my tune. I share the full story on Instagram, so check it out if you want some additional context.

A girlfriend of mine started working for Equilibria and reached out to me to give it a try telling me I’d be pleasantly surprised. She didn’t go into some long schpeal selling its ability to help me lose weight or recover from my workouts; instead, she used the magic word.


She said, “Kate when I tell you I’m sleeping through the night for the first time in a LONG TIME, I’m not kidding.”


I met with one of the Equilibria dosage specialists to understand the product and her recommendation for my routine. It was incredibly eye-opening and really insightful. I told her my doubts, how I didn’t think it would help me, and shared I was already doing extensive work on my emotional health and wellbeing and didn’t know if there was a place for CBD. I was…

  • Meditating and journaling daily
  • Going to therapy on a weekly basis
  • Taking 50mg of Zoloft daily
  • Setting screen time limits for myself
  • Practicing good sleep hygiene

The dosage specialist shared that CBD isn’t meant to replace any of the above but rather work in concert with them. Meaning, if you’re not doing the thought work and deep self-care, CBD won’t magically do it for you. It’s not a miracle worker; it’s a supplement. And meant to supplement the foundation of your lifestyle. So we decided to start with the Balance+ Collection and agreed I wouldn’t knock it until I tried it.

The Balance Box is a monthly subscription that includes two products; daily drops, and soft gels.

Image via Equilibria

It took us two attempts to really nail my routine, which is honestly what I love so much about Equilibria. Their team fully supports you. I was able to get advice on changing my routine based on my experience – pretty much immediately. I landed on taking the soft gel with breakfast and then using the daily drops around 4-4:30 PM. Sometimes I’d put the drops under my tongue for 60 seconds, or I’d drop them into a cup of herbal tea if I were looking for more of an experience.

I loved it.

I felt calm, cool, and collected – even before my virtual lectures which usually give me a touch of stage fright. And even better – slept like a baby. And that makes sense because there’s evidence that supports CBD’s ability to regulate mood and anxiety, and reducing insomnia.

It wasn’t long before I added the Mindful Mineral Soak which turns any bath into a dream come true.

If you’re not a bath person, I don’t know what to tell you. But if you are – this is what you need to trick out your tub.

Turn the lights off, rest, relax, and soak it all in – no pun intended. Do this before bed, and I guarantee the stress of the day will literally wash away.

Fast forward to today. I’m 36-weeks pregnant at the time of publication and have been without my CBD routine for the same amount of time. I truly miss it. I plan on breastfeeding when the baby is here, so I know it’ll be a while before I can reintegrate my routine, but when I do, I’ll be ready. First, I’ll schedule my dosage specialist to chat to discuss any potential recommended changes to my previous routine, and then I’ll dive back in. I’m dying to try Equilibria has some amazing new products – specifically, the Rapid Calming Melts.

Image via Equilibria

If you’re new to CBD and you’re curious, I can’t recommend Equilibria enough. Take their introductory quiz (it will only take a minute!) and get an outline for your recommendation for your first CBD routine. That includes recommended products, along with when and how to use each one to ensure each effect is maximized to its fullest potential.

CBD is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Just like fitness, our bodies and goals are unique to YOU, so following a cookie-cutter program is rarely in your best interest. Instead, equilibria make it easy for you to find the perfect routine for your specific health goals and to adjust it over time as needed. 

Image via Equilibria

Also, much like fitness, consistency is key. CBD builds up in your body over time, which means it’s critical to take your products daily to get the most benefit. Additionally, it can take a few months for the dose to produce its full effects – which is why the monthly subscriptions are so helpful. With a subscription, you get the best possible price (it’s always 20% off every month, forever!) and never risk running out. It can be changed or canceled at any time (you’re never locked in) and arrives straight to your door each month. 

Ready to start? Use my code KATELEMERE for 15% off your first order.

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