How-To Make the Ultimate Charcuterie Board


I’ve been building (charcuterie) boards since 2016, and in the last three years, I’ve come a long way, baby.

A charcuterie board is my favorite dish to contribute to ANY gathering (holiday or otherwise) for two reasons:

  1. You’re in control of your portions. And what you see is EXACTLY what you get. There are no hidden ingredients or excess sauces or creams; therefore, you maintain full control while ENJOYING what you eat because they’re savory AF. 
  2. You look like a fahking culinary goddess when you reveal a board like this:


Put that baby on the table, pour yourself a glass of wine, and accept all the compliments that come your way. For real. Soak it in. You deserve it.

A quick word on behalf of our sponsor, bishes!

I don’t do many brand partnerships, but when I do, it’s with brands I genuinely believe in. I’m a member of the fitness industry, but I love to eat, go out with friends, entertain, and ENJOY food. I diet, I count macros, I track my calories, but I do NOT deprive myself or needlessly restrict and truly believe that you find sustainable success with BALANCE and moderation. So when Supreme Cheese reached out to me, I jumped on the chance to work with them. To not only prove a point (that you don’t have to live in deprivation to be successful in your health and fitness goals) but to get HOOKED THE FAHK UP WITH ONE OF MY FAVORITE INDULGENCES. 

I LOVE this brand because the taste is second to none (also the rind is edible, which isn’t true of all brie’s) but mostly for its shape! It’s oval, which makes it easy to cut AND each wheel has pre-laid tracks that outline portioned serving sizes. One slice is approximately 1oz of brie or 100 calories. If you’re trying to indulge while maintaining progress, this is perfect for you because there is NO guesswork. 

I fahkin love it!

Anyway. Back to the board.

Plug and play the below to make your ULTIMATE masterpiece.

  • Two varieties of hard cheese
  • One soft cheese
  • Three types of crackers or bread
  • Three types of cured meats
  • Two or three kinds of seasonal fruit
  • A variety of healthy fats
  • A sweet spread
  • Fragrant garnish



My picks?

Hard cheese: Sharp cheddar and manchego 

Soft cheese: Supreme Brie Cheese DUH and Tomme

Crackers: Parmasean crackers and another flat cracker of choice

Cured meats: Prosciutto, sopresse, salami

Seasonal fruit: Pears, blackberries, grapes, persimmon

Healthy fats: Kalamata olives, greek olives, Marcona almonds

Sweet Spread: Fig & orange compote

Fragrant Garnish: Rosemary


I bought all of the ingredients for this board at Whole Foods!

The key to creating a show-stopping board is to pack each item TIGHTLY! The surface of your board or plate should be totally covered. Don’t be afraid to move compartments around; your layout will be trial and error. JUST MAKE SURE YOU wash your hands like a psycho beforehand tho. WINK!


The holidays are a time to enjoy time with family, friends, and reflect on your blessings. So it bears a reminder that if you have the ability (financial, mental, physical, and emotional) to worry about macros or foods you eat, YOU ARE FORTUNATE AND BLESSED.  


I’m fortunate to be a partner of Supreme Cheese and offer one lucky bish A WHOLE CASE OF “wedges” of Supreme to help the holiday prep that much easier. THAT’S SIX WEDGES TOTAL OMFG.

All you have to do is:

  • Like THIS pic
  • Follow Supreme on Instagram HERE. Seriously, follow them, I get a ton of recipe ideas and inspo!!


If you want an extra entry, answer the question below in my latest IG post HERE.

What do you look forward to most about the holidays? 

I can’t wait to read it! I’ll select the winner at 7 PM CST on Friday, December 6th. Good luck, bish!!

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  1. I look forward to all the get togethers during the holidays! Although it is busy and hectic, it shows me how many wonderful people I have in my life to celebrate and be thankful for

  2. I look forward to seeing my family and friends. We host so much during the holidays and we have so many family traditions. It’s busy but in the best most soul filling way!