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I am a ravenous content consumer and rely on a variety of podcasts to continue my education, self-development, and self-improvement. The second I drop Luke Lemere off at school I pop my AirPods and put one on blast via the default podcast app on my iPhone. In my mind, my train ride and walk to the Barry’s studio is the PERFECT time to invest in myself…or get a good laugh.

Below are my go-to’s across a variety of topics. Pay special attention to the underlined titles, I literally hang on the hosts’ every word.

Brand building, productivity, and marketing strategy podcasts:

I love all of these because they introduce me to new people, methods of working, and continue my development and education of marketing and brand strategy.

Lifestyle podcasts:

All of these are amazing perspectives on relationships, the dynamics of conversation, and the power of words. As a trainer, my ability to communicate with people is critical, and I get so much out of these episodes.

Health, fitness, nutrition podcasts:

This category is LACKING with good, solid, no BS content…I don’t know if that’s a sign from the universe to start my own thing or…

*I have a love/hate relationship with this one. There are some REALLY good nuggets that are buried underneath irrelevant personal banter between the hosts and insufferably long intros. Each podcast is over an hour (woof), but they do a pretty good job with listing time markers in the show notes so you can cherry-pick what you consume. 

Just for fun:

Humor is so underrated, and we gotta laugh. These lighten my mood instantly.

What podcasts are you into? Have a favorite that isn’t on this list? COMMENT below or shoot me a DM, I want to check it out!.

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  1. Dolly Parton’s America, RadioLab, This American Life. All about being human. And Dolly Parton. Love them!