Leg Day Finisher

You can do this workout as a lower body finisher, or you can do it as your entire leg day workout because let tell you – HOLY FAHK. It hurts either way. Mid-workout I was praying for Jesus to take the wheel, and the day after, I was wincing every time I got on the floor to play with Luke Lemere. Soreness is NOT always indicative of a good workout…but in this case…you know it is.

I am NEVER without this band – it’s one of my favorite tools, and I say this without any affiliation or sponsorship, but again, a reminder, I CAN BE BOUGHT 1000%. JK ALSO SERIOUS THO.

The Leg Day Finisher

Descending reps starting at 20, and working your way down to 1. It takes about 15 minutes if you don’t take any breaks and are moving at a steady and consistent pace.

  • Banded Glute Bridges
  • Banded Top Range Glute Abductions
  • Banded Squats

I got a quick demo of each drill here:

A few things to point out.

  • When doing your glute bridges, position your heels closer to your ass than further from; the closer your heels to your glutes the more you work them.
  • The top of your range of motion for both the glute bridges and the abductions is with a FLAT chest, abdominal wall, and pubic bone. Your pelvis should be neutral and not in a posterior tilt.
  • The abductions should be performed with constant tension throughout the range of motion, do not let your knees collapse.
  • Squats should avoid the butt wink described HERE, and also without collapsing with your knees.

Let it be known that was my first Vimeo video ever. TYSM.


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