A Day in Food Vol. 2

Another installment of A Day in Food! A little carby than usual, but I was in the mood, and I don’t track my carb or fat macros – only protein. If you’ve read THIS post, you know that calories and macros are necessarily related. I know if I’m sticking to my caloric balance and protein intake, the rest just all falls into place.

If you’re NOT tracking calories or macros, these are just some fun meal ideas to keep your sweet tooth at bay while you stay satiated and satisfied.

Below is a perfect example of how I practice the “Combo Over Recipe” sentiment from THIS post IRL.

Coffee + Whipped Cream

One cup of coffee topped with 1 oz of heavy whipped cream. No sugar, a full-fat source, and makes your coffee taste so good. I added cinnamon to be fancy as fahk. Another fatty coffee recipe can be found HERE and HERE.

Kodiak Cakes + PB2+ Sugar-Free Maple Syrup + Apples

Make the Kodiak Cakes and PB2 per the package instructions, but I make the PB2 a TAD on the runny side, so it spreads and melts over the warm pancakes, and it’s SO GOOD. Slice and dice your apple anyway you like it.


Sometimes in the DM’s I get a bit of flack for using products like Walden Farms, because it’s full of artificial ingredients. Honestly, I don’t care. It’s such a little amount, and in such moderation, I cut myself some slack. You do you, but for me, I love this shit.

Roasted Salmon + Jasmin Rice + Broccoli

I rubbed this salmon with a combo of chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper. Didn’t measure a thing, just a pinch of all, mixed, and rubbed all over 4-6oz of salmon. Roasted at 350* until medium rare and dug in. Jasmin rice is my FAV rice, and I could literally eat it all day every day. Just steamed the broccoli, but would have added a splash of fresh lemon juice if I had my shit together!

Shredded Chicken + Pico + Guac

The poor man’s Chipotle burrito bowl, ha! Pico and Guac were from Whole Foods, and the chicken was shredded in my Kitchen Aid with the paddle attachment. HAVE YOU HEARD OF THIS? This “tip” honestly changed my life.

Zucchini Bread

This recipe here. OH. My. God. I love it. Matt loves it. Luke Lemere loves it. Enough said. The perfect dessert.

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