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The older I get the more I prioritize two things: my time and my skin. During my last facial (I get five or six per year, so clearly, I’m an expert) my esthetician claimed, “your skincare regimen should be treated just like your wardrobe, rotated and routinely changed pending the season and time of year.” Makes total sense. Once the cold, wind and harsher temperatures start to hit in Chicago I stash my summer products in favor of richer cleansers, denser moisturizers and focus not only on my face, but the rest of my bod as well. Here are five ways to change your skincare regimen to keep yourself hydrated, happy and avoid looking haggard AF.

1. Switch to a creamier cleanser. Cream based cleaners remove dirt and makeup, but strip less oil from the skin, which helps keep skin more hydrated. I use La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Brightening Foaming Cream. It’s a super gentle yet deep cleanser that removes makeup, sweat, pollution, everything. It also acts as a brightening agent so I wake up with a dewy glow, which I appreciate.

2. Use an exfoliator. I exfoliate year round, usually twice per week. In the winter, I’m prone to really dry skin that’s usually super attractive and considered a turn on by my husband (read: not at all). That being said, I up my exfoliation game to three (maybe four) times per week. By ridding the dead skin cells your skin is able to absorb moisturizers more effectively. I stick to my Clarisonic as opposed to using a product with beads or grit. Not only are those products usually too harsh, but I always seem to manage to get more product in my eyes than on my skin.

3. Try a more nourishing moisturizer at night. I combine a richer nighttime moisturizer with a few drops of retinol, in addition to 15 other products. Literally, on average it takes me about 20 minute to get ready to go to sleep. I kid you not. I haven’t found a night moisturizer that I’m IN LOVE with, so if you have an reccos, I’m all ears. Right now I’ve got Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Anti-Aging Moisturizer in my rotation. When I say I don’t love it, I mean I don’t love the $125 price tag. In addition to avoid looking old, I’m also trying to save for retirement. It’s an issue. I was recently introduced to Dr. Zoe, owner of Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine. Worship everything about her (even though we only email/text) and her PFAM products. A few drops of the Y.E.S.S. serum with an overnight moisture and you wake up looking fucking amazing. Thanks, Dr. Zoe, you’re truly helping me achieve my best self.

4. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Groundbreaking information. You can’t go a single day without being reminded to wear sunscreen, but this is especially true if you’re using any product with retinol because sun damage will actually reverse its benefits! Did you know that?! Again, when you’re trying to avoid lines, wrinkles and skin cancer you’ve got to keep your shit right. Don’t skip it. Don’t lie that you wear it when you don’t. Just use it.

5. Hydrate the rest of your body. Here’s a TMI tidbit for you. I legit have a sweating problem so I never wear body lotion in the summer to prevent myself looking like that of an oil slick. However, the winter time is a different story in that I sweat just a little bit less. Egh. To that end, I hydrate my skin at night so that I limit my sweating to my sleep as opposed to when I’m out in the real world trying to function like a normal human being. Side note: I keep meaning to try dry brushing but have yet to get into it. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with hydration. Or really what it has to do with in general, but I’m wanting to try it. More to come.

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