Summer ’16 Gym Bag Essentials

summer-gym bag

As shocking as it may be, summer is almost over. But it’s never too late to update to your warm weather gear.


Finis Agility Fins: Around this time every year I start to feel so over trained. Swimming is an amazing total body workout that’s low impact and a low risk for injury. These fins are super sleek, easy to use and don’t fall off your hands while you’re pulling in the water.

Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player: These. Are. A. Game. Changer. Not to mention a life saver. 10×100 yards with 20 seconds of rest just got a lot less daunting with my favorite playlist locked and loaded.

SlimClip Phone Case: Slide your phone in the case, slide the case along the waistband of your pants. This is the perfect alternative to an arm band or clunky iPhone case. Even when you’re pouring sweat it doesn’t budge. Obsessed.

Nike Victory Bag: An old favorite in a new color. Can you ever have too many gym bags? I think not.

Not Your Mother’s Cream Styling Mousse : The best for air dried hair to perfect beach waves. If you’re on-the-go post workout, this is for you.

Nike Pro Classic Padded Frequency: A new Nike Pro bra? Not much to hate on here.

Chanel Lash Primer and Mascara: The best. Period. Makes your lashes look super black, super thick and super long.

Propel Flavored Electrolyte Water: The best hydration for your workout. Amazing flavor. No sugar. Zero calories.

Covergirl Lip Crayon: Love these because they’ve got the coverage and effect of a lipstick, but so low maintenance. You can reapply it without a mirror and they’re moisturizing too.

Valley Sunglasses: These babies literally take up most of your face. They’re huge. So that makes them perfect to hide the dark circles under your eyes after just rolling outta bed for your workout, or keeping you incognito after you hit the gym.

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