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Birthday Reflections

Birthday Reflections: Older and Wiser

This post really isn’t about fitness but rather a personal entry of reflection as I enter the final year of my 20s. The thought of being anything other than a 20-something is somewhat horrifying, but when I think about it, getting older hasn’t been so bad. It’s actually been great. Actually, when … [Read More...]

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Chilled Oats

Currently Craving: Chilled Oats

My day starts before the sun comes up and I often don’t make it back home until well after dinnertime. So, I’m often eating my meals on the go and without access to … [Read More...]

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Treadmill Workout

Work off the Weekend: Treadmill HIIT Workout

With any treadmill there are two modes: manual and motorized (or “regular” mode). Take your HIIT workouts to a new level with this manual mode workout. Cart … [Read More...]

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Work for the Weekend: Row Your Boat

While in New York City for the Nike Women’s Showcase, I took a class at CityRow which absolutely Kicked. My. Ass. In the best way possible. It wasn’t my first time on an Indo-Row, but it was my first time in a structured rowing class and it did not disappoint. … [Read More...]

Nike FormFlux Bag

Winter Gym Bag Essentials

I’m afraid that the last of the good Chicago weather has come and gone. We’ve been lucky to have our Indian summer fly in and out of October, but now things are about to get real. Pack some heat so that you’re prepared for the elements, have the best workout … [Read More...]

November Soundtrack

November Soundtrack

There are TWO more months left in 2014. Don't make an excuse, make a move. And make it count. Download it here y'all. … [Read More...]