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Currently Craving: A Holiday Weekend Detox

The Monday after the Fourth of July can be brutal. Hangovers. Humidity. A general self-hatred for letting yourself go wild for three (or four) days straight. Ease your way into the week with this drink that not only will refresh, but help you shed the toxins you consumed over the weekend! Then get … [Read More...]

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June Soundtrack

My friends, all I can say is...better late than never! Download it here. … [Read More...]

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Runners Feet

Pre-Marathon Meditation

Marathon training season is upon us, my friends! New kicks, new goals, and new courses are just around the corner. There are very few things I love more than … [Read More...]

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chicken avocado salad

Currently Craving: Avocado Chicken Salad

Looking to liven up your lunchtime salad? I've been loving this healthy avocado chicken mix to top my greens. If i'm feeling a little crazy I'll go ahead and toss some cherry tomatoes on top and call it a day! So wild. Quick. Easy. Healthy.  Avocado Chicken … [Read More...]

Metabolic Flexibility

In Conclusion: Metabolic Flexibility

In April we slowly but surely made our way through some of the top line concepts of metabolic flexibility. In a nutshell, metabolic flexibility is the body's ability to use fats when they're present, or carbohydrates when they're present - your body's ability … [Read More...]

May Soundtrack

May Soundtrack

This is like Club The Four Percent edition of the monthly soundtracks. Something about the prospect of warmer weather, summer, and pool parties being so close (and yet, Chicago, so far). Just makes a girl want to raise up her right hand and pump it. Don't … [Read More...]