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Cardinal Rules For Your First Group Exercise Class

Even the most passionate of exercisers find themselves in new territory every now and then. Whether it be a session with a new trainer, a new group exercise class or sweating solo at a gym while you travel, there are cardinal rules every first timer should follow to make the most out of their … [Read More...]

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Determining Your Work to Rest Ratio

I'm not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the line of the fitness evolution "rest" acquired a negative connotation. Harder is assumed to be better and if … [Read More...]

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Healthy Airport Snack Hacks

Nothing can derail your fitness momentum faster than a mid-week work trip. I usually find myself in an airport 2 or 3 times a month between personal and work travel. … [Read More...]

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DIY Sandbag Workout

I wouldn't consider myself a scrappy person, but I love to get down with a good DIY every now and then. A few trips to our family cottage left me craving outdoor, beachside workouts. What better way to maximize a body weight workout than with the sand beneath … [Read More...]

Soy Sauce Alternatives

It doesn't take much to derail a day of clean eating. An additional tablespoon of almond butter here, an extra splash of coffee creamer there. A heavy hand when it comes to condiments can be a silent saboteur that is often dismissed. When it comes to sushi, … [Read More...]

Summer Gym Bag Essentials

As shocking as it may be, summer is almost over. But it's never too late to update to your warm weather gear. Finis Agility Fins: Around this time every year I start to feel so over trained. Swimming is an amazing total body workout that's low impact … [Read More...]