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December Soundtrack

The final month of the year. It always brings the excitement for the holidays, a little bit of guilt of un-answered resolutions and a lot of hope for what's ahead. Finish strong. … [Read More...]

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Currently Craving: Something Naughty and Nice

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with fitness and has everything to do with a boozy, delicious cocktail. For the sake of moderation and balance, … [Read More...]

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December Motivation

In case you missed it... I'm serving up your daily dose of December motivation on my Instagram page. Follow @katelemere for the the rest of the month for total … [Read More...]

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Winter Gym Bag Essentials

The seasons change and so should your gear. Upgrade to stay on point as the days get a little shorter and the air a little (okay, a lot) crisper. Nike Therma-Sphere Max Vest: Layers on layers. Super cute and functional. Wear it before you train to keep your … [Read More...]

Work off the Weekend: Turkey Be-Gone

There's nothing like an indulgent, long, holiday weekend to make your spirits bright. Until, Monday rolls around. Whatever guilt you may have from that second slice of pumpkin pie...it doesn't stand a chance with this workout! A combination of strength … [Read More...]

November Soundtrack

Can you believe the end of the year is near? Neither can I. Download it here. … [Read More...]