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Triathlon 101

I recently received an email from a reader "toying" with the idea of training for her first triathlon. Overwhelmed and slightly intimated, she was looking for advice on getting started to help her successfully cross her finish line. Are you thinking of entering the world of triathlon but have some … [Read More...]

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Arm Workout

Work for the Weekend: Armed and Ready

Two words: Tank tops.  Do three sets of fifteen reps of each arm focused drill below with minimal recovery. Rest for 60 seconds between sets. You can do this … [Read More...]

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Healthy Kitchen

What Happens in the Kitchen…

What happens in the kitchen...doesn't stay in the kitchen. You can workout all you want, but if your diet is a mess you'll never experience the change you're working … [Read More...]

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May Soundtrack

May Soundtrack

Let's Rage. Go on, download it here. Image via The Original Winger. … [Read More...]

Treadmill Workout

Work off the Weekend: Run It

Mother's Day brunch get the best of you? Same. This treadmill workout combines rolling hills followed by a series of sprints to give you the best of both worlds, a bit of endurance and a bit of speed. Take this at your own pace. Establish your base … [Read More...]

Meal Prep

Food Prep Made Easy

Meal preparation is among one of the most popular conversation topics in the fitness world. You can pin all the hacks you want, but if your meal prep strategy isn’t conducive to your lifestyle, it ain’t happening. For me, I roll deep. On any given day I’m out … [Read More...]