TFP Workout Template: April

Behold — your April Workout Template.

The April Workout Template is different than our previous ones. Given the current nature of our global climate, all of us are working out from home. If that. In an unprecedented moment in time, we have a lot of thoughts about what we SHOULD be doing, and how we SHOULD be coping. There are no right or wrong answers or behavior. If you’re looking to move, keep reading. If you’d rather lay on your couch with the remote and a cup of tea (or glass of something else!), you do you.

Whether working out at home is your thing or not, motivation is at an all-time premium – I totally get it. It’s tough to get into action when you’re nervous, worried, stressed, tired, lonely, sad, etc.

How much do you need to train right now to maintain muscle? Not as much as you’d think! Three days per week of FULL BODY training where exercise approaches and achieves failure is ENOUGH to keep your current status for this moment in time. In the US, the White House issued a statement asking all of us to maintain our Shelter-in-Place order through the 30th. So this is our game plan for the month.

Workout three times per week with ME OR MY BARRY’S FAMILY. That’s it. How? 

That’s three+ opportunities to move 20-30 minutes per day. If you want it – we got it. Peep our IG stories to learn more about what you can expect from each workout, and what you need to set yourself up for success!


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STEP 2: Celebrate Your Wins

Cross it off, check the box, shit, get into your kid’s stash of stickers. There are FEW THINGS more satisfying than physically scribing your achievement, so have at it. We’re all hurting for the feel-good vibes right now, so take all you can get!


Is this your first exposure to The Four Percent Workout Templates? Get a primer here. We’ll be back with our usually scheduled programming as soon as we can.

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  1. Hey Kate,

    Your blog is so informative. Thank you! I have read and re-read over the templates January-March and plan to execute them starting this month. I have also read all the links that you included on those blogs. I was doing 4 day splits up until today and realized that research doesn’t support it. Like your blog says, I would like to get the most out of my time at the gym.

    Anyways, getting to my three questions – I know you said to stick to the same exercise within one template but do you recommend also sticking with the same exercise month to month or does it not matter as long as you’re getting that progression overload?

    Once I finish month 3, do you recommend just going back around and doing January template again?

    Is it okay to add cardio for “active recovery” for no other reason than to feel good on off days?