2021 Holiday Gift Guide

I literally can’t believe we’re talking about the holidays, but here we are. This year, I’m giving gifts that ADD VALUE to my loved one’s lives – to surprise, delight, and help them reach their goals. These suggestions are practical without being too stuffy, and will set you apart from the crowd gifting the same ol’, same ol’…again.

Use this guide to give your gifts…or send it to someone to give them ideas to buy for you. WINK!!

Rest days can be daunting for two reasons. First, recovery is generally misunderstood, so the common misconception of taking a day off and losing all your progress runs rampent throughout the health and fitness narrative. Second, when we’re not in the gym, we have to do something else with our time. These gifts are meant to relax the body, and grow the mind.

The Hatch Restore, the pinnacle of sleep hygiene.

A silk pillowcase for luxurious sleep, and to preserve your blowout and skincare.

A charging station to eliminate clutter.

A guasha facial piece for an at-home relaxing treatment.

CBD Bath bombs, a must have if you’re a bath person. Use my code katelemere for 15% off your first order.

The BEST EYE MASK EVER. I do not go to bed without it.

A luxurious lip mask.

Have you ever tried a weighted blanket? If not, you don’t know how much you need it until you do.

Candles to set the mood.

A subscription to Book of the Month Club to end your bedtime routine, and encourage screen-free transition to sleep.

Ear buds made for sleeping.

The most incredible sheet mask – pair it with a cup of tea and Netflix and it’s heaven.

The only CBD I’d ever use – make it holiday with super chic packaging. Use my code katelemere for 15% off your first order.

A membership to Headspace for meditation guidance and more.

A subscription to Talkspace, virtual therapy accessible to everyone.

A subscription to MasterClass, learn something new and spark a new passion.

The best at-home mani system. Make sure you get the poppy – you’ll amaze yourself at how great you can paint your own nails.

Really cute slippers.

You don’t know how good it feels to stretch your toes until you do.

A bath tray, another must if you’re a bath person.

One of my favorite face masks.

A Theragun or other percussive device for when you can’t get a sports massage and are tight as hell.

There’s no sugar-coating meal prep. It sucks LOL. But it’s made SO much easier, better, and dare I say enjoyable when you have a tricked out kitchen.

A cute salt cellar for easy access to spruce up any dish.

The BEST POV on nutrition – this book will change your life, I promise.

Incredible giardiniera to top eggs, chicken breasts, sandwiches, and more.

My favorite chocolate. Bonus points because it’s dairy-free.

A multi-use pot/roasting dish, this one is fancy as hell.

The perfect gift for the urban-dweller with a green thumb!!

An Imperfect Foods membership for sustainable produce delivery.

Instacart giftcard.

Premium subscription to The Food Network Kitchen app.

Meal subscription to Salad Club (Chicago only!)

A 40oz Hydro Flask – I’d be lost without mine.

Membership for a wine club – my favorite to order is from Clos du Val in Napa.

A Barry’s tumbler, which is so cute.

There’s nothing you couldn’t cook/bake/prep with this set.

A cast iron skillet – don’t be intimidated, they’re really easy to use. Pass this tutorial on for the 101.

Subscription to Butcher Box for the best protein selections.

A knife set to make chopping, dicing, and slicing a total breeze.

Need a gift for the Fitness Enthusiast in your life who has more leggings than she knows what to do with? I got you.

Class package or membership for Barry’s X. It’s the BEST at-home workout.

Nike Women Metcons, the best lifting shoe.

The updated Indy sports bra has a zipper that’s so cute to wear on its own or layered.

Donna Karen Cashmere Mist deodorant is a CULT classic and an indulgence for any gym bag.

The best ball cap.

Lifting gloves.

The best part about Barry’s is arguably the shower after the Red Room – especially the Oribe.

Barry’s band kit.

These after sweat wipes would make for a really good stocking stuffer.

THE ULTIMATE DUMBBELL SET. Super versatile and is crucial for progressive overload while working out at home.

Very few of us need another pair of leggings, but can you ever have too many black pairs? No. These ones are GOOD.

Upgrade your gym bag. The leather is chic as hell and can double as a work bag or day bag. Also makes the perfect carry on.

No-show socks, also a great stocking stuffer option.

Premium laundry detergent that smells so fahking good + a reusable sweat bag.

Earrings you can sweat (and sleep) in.

A necklace that you’ll never want to take off (even in the shower).

Dry shampoo but for sweaty hair. It works like a charm.

A sampler fragrance pack you can throw in a purse or gym bag.

The Barry’s Bench which can be used thousands of ways – truly the possibilities are endless.

Happy holidays, and happy shopping!

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  1. I just ordered so many things off this list. Sending to my SILs who are also always looking for clever, and useful gifts. Thanks, Kate! xo

  2. Added many of these to my own list too! Excited to NOT say “ummm idk” when family asks this year. Thanks for these awesome ideas!