The Four Percent - Foundation Masterclass



The Four Percent FOUNDATION is the first online course of its kind. This self-paced, immersive, and evidence-based exploration into your fitness experience —from nutrition to training to mindset – this course will change the way you approach your health and wellness journey for the rest of your life.

When you invest in this course, you’ll invest in yourself. You’ll upgrade your life in every aspect and walk away with the understanding of how to apply advanced training and nutrition mechanics to YOUR life. It’s not about a 30-day fix, a short term detox, or a cookie-cutter PDF. This is about behavior, and activity modification. In short, it’s YOUR road map to knowing how to change your body however you want, whenever you want.

You will learn everything you need to find success in your health and fitness journey. From debunking the myths of nutrition and fitness to the psychology behind behavior change, The Four Percent Foundation is your key to success.

Tune into each lecture wherever and whenever it works for you.


Course Curriculum

Learn the hierarchy of importance of health and fitness to understand EXACTLY what to focus on, and when. Week one provides a break down of the principles that should govern your health, fitness, and nutritional routine.

How to develop a strong, and healthy mindset – without restriction. Learn the psychology of stages of change to managing your lifestyle and habits to improve your overall health. Not to mention – LOVE your process.

An in-depth overview of how to customize YOUR nutritional strategy to achieve life changing, sustainable body composition results. 

Unpacking physical vs. emotional hunger, and triggers that help identify each. 

How to train based on YOUR goals. A deep dive into how to manage and progress your training to learn the WHY and HOW behind your workouts.

Understanding recovery, and how to maximize your training outside of the gym and kitchen.

The inner-workings of training, nutrition. And how they work together to build muscle, lose fat, or a combination of both.

A step-by-step guide on how to evaluate your goals, and structure your training and nutrition plan to meet them. In short, you’ll never need a PDF or 30-day detox ever again.

Adaptations and plateaus inevitably happen to everyone. You’ll feel confident in knowing how and when to apply training and nutritional methods  to achieve sustainable long-term results.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and you’re in if for the long haul. Find a process you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. 


Access and ownership to toolkits, worksheets and other freebies to help you outline your process, understand your goals (and yourself). Not to mention, a list of resources to help you succeed at your fingertips. All information will be housed in your member portal.


You'll never feel confused about what to do in the gym or kitchen ever again.

With my help, you’ll learn how nutrition really works, and how to train to actually change your body. This is about transformation – in every area of your life. Become your own expert. Are you ready?

This is Total Empowerment

This is your FOUNDATION to take control of your health and fitness experience, regardless of your season of life, ability level, or goals. Know how to workout, and why. Stop guessing, and start living a process you LOVE.

The Details —

  • Ten PRE-RECORDED lectures
  • Downloadable playbooks, tools and templates

This practical experience will show you how to approach every phase of your process regardless of your season of life - from your first rep, until you reach your goals, and beyond.

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