Foundation Self-Paced Master Class

This self-paced master class is your ticket to total empowerment in and out of the gym.

Kate · January 1, 2021

The Four Percent FOUNDATION is the first online course of its kind. This self-paced, immersive, and evidence-based exploration into your fitness experience — from nutrition to training to mindset — this course will change the way you approach your health and wellness journey for the rest of your life.

When you invest in this course, you’ll invest in yourself. You’ll upgrade your life in every aspect and walk away with the understanding of how to apply advanced training and nutrition mechanics to YOUR life. It’s not about a 30-day fix, a short term detox, or a cookie-cutter PDF. This is about behavior, and activity modification. In short, it’s YOUR road map to knowing how to change your body however you want, whenever you want. 

You will learn everything you need to find success in your health and fitness journey. From debunking the myths of nutrition and fitness to the psychology behind behavior change, The Four Percent Foundation is your key to success.

Tune into each lecture wherever and whenever it works for you.

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