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Hi, and welcome to The Four Percent! This site was born in 2013 as a destination where fitness and nutrition are simplified, debunked, and brought back to basics. Are you looking for a partner to elevate your brand, create meaningful content (that adds value), and tell a cohesive story to an engaged community?

Let’s talk.

This blog, in addition to my Instagram, and afforded me incredible opportunities with amazing brands. 


As humans, we’re hardwired to connect with stories and emotions, and we crave connections to likeminded people who share our beliefs and value systems. A great brand story begins with building the same emotional connection we crave while leading to beautiful, memorable experiences. The content I produce ladders back to my primary goals; to inspire, educate, and motivate while providing value and deepening the relationships I hold with my community – IRL and online.

Additionally, this blog and my Instagram have landed me coverage in a variety of widespread publications.


I pride myself on my ability to not only share credible information, and craft a compelling story, but to also communicate effectively, and eloquently. Like any powerful brand, I work across all channels. And I can tailor my message to fit the many different forms of the client journey to find the best opportunities and vehicles through which to share it.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Strength training
  • General fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Perinatal fitness, and postpartum corrective exercise
  • Productivity, time-saving hacks, efficiency, and mastering the ability to get your sh*t done so you can make the most of your life
  • Time-saving recipes, meal prep, and food batching
  • Goal setting, protocol and method adherence
  • Finding confidence and balance in your health and fitness goals with your real life, job, family, and friends
  • Wine and dessert
  • Roasting my husband
  • Obsessing over my toddler

I LOVE to share my experience with the brands and companies I love.

My mission is simple. To help those on the pursuit of a life better lived – in and out of the gym. Time is our most precious asset, and devoting ONE hour to health, fitness, and wellness, is only four percent of your day.

The time is ours, and therefore, we have to make it count.

I can’t wait to connect.

Work With Me