The Four Percent

Hello! And welcome to The Four Percent, your ultimate online resource to help you evolve your fitness experience for a life better lived. 


This platform is dedicated to taking fitness and nutrition back to basics and debunking the myths surrounding the gym, food, and cherry-picked information that inundates our feeds today. 

The fitness and wellness space is cluttered, noisy, and straight-up wild. It’s hard to know where to go to get the truth, amongst the fads, and self-proclaimed experts. The Four Percent is a collection of no-bullshit, evidence-based information on strength training, fitness, nutrition, and perinatal fitness. It is NOT a personal account of transformation or beliefs.


This blog is here to help you identify your health and fitness goals, and give you the knowledge and tools to help you make them your reality, without a list of rules, a cookie-cutter PDF or restriction. This blog exists to give you the knowledge, you need to feel empowered not only in the gym and the kitchen, but when you’re living YOUR LIFE and balancing the demands of your day-to-day. To help you feel “on track” even when you’re off the rails.

Finally, The Four Percent aims to disseminate information to educate you on the MANY ways you can change your body and your mind so you can find freedom, happiness, and break away from an all-or-nothing mindset.


We only have one life to live, and time is our most precious asset. One hour devoted to your health and fitness is FOUR PERCENT of your day. The time is yours; make it count.

Are you ready to start LOVING your process? Start here.