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2021 Tentative Lecture Schedule

  • APRIL: The Life Cycle of a Diet
  • MAY: Advanced Training Mechanics and Protocols
  • JUNE: How Alcohol Impacts Your Fitness Goals
  • JULY: Behavioral Change Myths vs. Reality
  • AUGUST: Meal Prep + All Forms of Diet Tracking
  • SEPTEMBER: Cardio, concurrent training, and how to establish your aerobic v. anaerobic split
  • OCTOBER: Food Exposure and Legality to break free of “off-limit” foods, Understanding Food Guilt
  • NOVEMBER: Target Training, Emphasizing Lifts and Training for Volume (think my Operation Peach!)
  • DECEMBER: Yo-Yo Dieting Explained

Quarterly Bonus

  • Q2 JUNE: Growing your confidence in the gym and beyond
  • Q3 SEPTEMBER: Goals and values recommitment
  • Q4 DECEMBER: Breaking the cycle of binge eating (for good)