The Life Cycle of a Diet will explain how to manage your dietary protocol no matter what your goals are in a way that allows you to reach goal achievement while enjoying every other aspect of your life. 

Kate · July 12, 2021

Have you ever…

  • Struggled with dietary adherence?
  • Been confused about how to calculate your dieting numbers?
  • Wondered what the difference between a bulk, cut, and maintenance phase are?
  • Heard the term reverse diet, and executed one successfully? 
  • Misunderstood how long it takes to complete any phase in the life cycle of a diet?

If you answered a resounding YES to one or more of the above, this lecture, The Life Cycle of a Diet, is for you. 

The Life Cycle of a Diet will explain how to manage your dietary protocol no matter what your goals are in a way that allows you to reach goal achievement while enjoying every other aspect of your life. 

Whether you want to maintain your current body weight, grow muscle, shed fat, or simply expand your knowledge of your process in the gym and kitchen, I will tell you the who, what, where, when, and why behind every phase dieting from start to finish. 

This lecture is just under one hour and covers ALL of the topics below:

Busting Myths on Nutrition and Diet Fads

We’ll begin by dismantling the many myths and fads that surround the dietary space. Influencers, social media, and mainstream media have completely distorted our sense of reality regarding dietary adherence and an objective process around changing your body. 

In this section, you’ll learn:

  • The primary dietary misconceptions that you may be falling for
  • How to manage your expectations when dieting in any phase
  • Why restriction leads to failure

Deciding Where to Start

To bulk or to cut, that’s the question. Sometimes your starting point isn’t where you think it is, and your path to goal achievement isn’t linear or cut and dry. Your starting point depends on several variables depending on your historical context and outcome goal, and where you begin will make or break your process.

This section will share:

  • How to decide where to start across bulking, cutting, or maintenance
  • How to calculate caloric ranges for each phase
  • Key considerations for each phase

A Deep Dive into Bulking or Building

Many people want to grow muscle but don’t provide their body with the supply of energy they need for significant growth – calories! You have to eat if you want to grow considerable muscle. While a little body fat is inevitable, there is a way to manage the mental and physical components of bulking. Most people, specifically women, are afraid to bulk, but I’ll tell you why it’s important and nothing to fear.

In this section, you’ll learn:

  • Key considerations for bulking
  • How to assign macros
  • Setting your caloric range
  • Understanding an appropriate rate of gain
  • How to manage your caloric range 
  • Example timelines

A Deep Dive into Cutting or Achieving a Caloric Deficit

Many people want to shed fat but don’t fully understand how to execute a sustainable approach! Losing fat is challenging and takes TIME. Most people quit for a variety of reasons – all of which can be avoided.

In this section, you’ll learn:

  • Key considerations for cutting
  • How to assign macros
  • Setting your caloric range
  • Understanding an appropriate rate of loss
  • How to manage your caloric range 
  • Example timelines

Flexibility, The All or Nothing Mindset, and Flexible Dieting

We associate dieting with restriction – but the truth is restriction sets us up for the ultimate failure. The all-or-nothing mindset will ALWAYS leave you with nothing. Even though it sounds counterintuitive, flexibility is the main ingredient for success across the board – no matter what your process or goals look like in the gym or kitchen.

In this section, you’ll learn:

  • How to eliminate the “shame cycle”
  • Sustainability throughout adherence
  • How to decrease risks of binge eating
  • Dismantling shame and stigmas around dieting

How to Track Your Process

Data collection can be REALLY triggering. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When you understand how to collect information to track your progress objectively, you’re able to leave your emotions out of it, stay focused on the facts, and make RATIONAL decisions when managing your adherence.

This section will share:

  • Qualitative and quantitative ways to track your diet across any phase
  • How to track accurately
  • Ways to manage your mental health
  • How to take progress pictures and videos
  • Why self-monitoring is so important

How to Set Up and Manage a Diet Break

Next, you cannot live your life in a deficit forever, and that includes when you’re trying to lose body fat. Diet breaks can be a crucial factor in your success, but they’re often misunderstood. 

You’ll learn:

  • What a diet break is
  • When to implement a diet break and for how long
  • How to calculate your dieting break caloric range
  • How to exit your break and return to your deficit
  • Example timelines

And finally, Reverse Dieting

The hard part isn’t losing body weight or fat; the hard part is, in fact, keeping it off. Maintaining weight loss is something very few people can achieve because they don’t implement an exit strategy AFTER their diet or phase is over. In reality, you can’t enter or exit a diet without a plan.

This section teaches you:

  • What a reverse diet is
  • What happens when a diet is over
  • How to calculate your reverse dieting strategy
  • An example timeline 
  • A visual guide or process map

This information (including citations and sources) is consolidated into a one-hour lecture for $47.99. That’s an incredible amount of content that will help you with your adherence, in a sustainable way, for the rest of your life. The Life Cycle of a Diet will be something you refer back to time and time again as you navigate your goal achievement today, tomorrow, and years to come. Consider this lecture to be a small investment with a big, long-term payoff. 

Are you in?


Q: What comes with my purchase of $47.99?
A: Your purchase includes the lecture video, the lecture deck, and supporting research.

Q: How do I access this content?
A: All lecture content lives within your member portal on The Four Percent. Additionally, you can download the deck and research.

Q: I took Foundation, is this new information?
A: This information builds off of the information that was shared in Foundation. Some of the content may be a refresher, but the majority is new information that expands upon all topics listed above.

Q: I didn’t take Foundation, will I be confused?
A: No. All information needed to fully absorb the material is included in the deck.

Q: How can I ask questions?
A: Additional community support isn’t included in your purchase. Consider joining The Four Percent Community to bring questions to the membership Forums and Community Calls. 

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Q: Does this course expire?
A: No, never!

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