Ideas for Your Morning and Evening Routine

morning evening routine
After opening up about my struggles with postpartum anxiety and depression, I’ve been sharing my desire to simplify and develop a morning and evening routine to set the tone for my day, and then unplug and re-charge. I made a post on my feed, and stories asking for your suggestions and got SO many great answers!
Below are a few of my favorite.
In the Morning:
  • Meditate using the Headspace app
  • Journal
  • Listen to a podcast to learn something new
  • Set intentions
  • Count your blessings
  • Name one thing you’re grateful for while you brush your teeth
  • Greet the day by looking out the window with your little one and talk about everything there is to look forward to
  • Read a few pages from your favorite self-help or spiritual book
  • Don’t look at your phone for the first hour you’re awake
  • Drink water and savor a moment of silence
In the Evening:
  • Read a novel or other book for pleasure
  • Pick ONE screen to focus on (TV/Phone/Computer)
  • Take a hot bath with a glass of wine
  • Journal
  • FaceTime with a friend
  • Call someone who gives you unconditional love
  • Phone on airplane mode or sleep mode one hour before bed
  • Savor your skincare routine instead of rushing through it
  • Snuggle with your significant other

If you haven’t shared what you do yet, comment or shoot me a DM. Let me know if you incorporate any into your own morning and evening routine!

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