Winter ’17 Gym Bag Essentials

The start of a new year (hell the start of a new season) requires a gym bag revamp. Peep my current favs to tote from studio to street to stay fresh and on top of my game.

And to avoid looking like a total bag lady.


Nike Zonal Strength Training Tights: Oh. My. Fucking. God. These are, hands down, the BEST training tight I’ve ever put on my body. They make you look like a total thin and they don’t budge. Squats? No problem. Lunges? Sure. V-ups? Can do. Praying to God they’re available in a deep red/purple asap. Need.

Nike Free Connect: A slip on training shoe. I repeat, a slip on training shoe. Yes.

Winter Warrior Women’s High Impact Training Bra: It’s cute, it’s functional, it’s flattering for even the most flat chested of gals (ah hem, hi). Buy it at Barry’s!

Gourmand EDP Fragrance: I’m a Gucci Guilty kind of girl, but it can be a bit overpowering for daytime. This perfume is exclusive to Urban Outfitters (I know! I wouldn’t have guessed, either), it’s so affordable and smells DELISH. I’m not kidding when I say I will buy 3-4 of these at a time to calm my paranoia that it will be discontinued!

Elta MD Sunscreen: Think the SPF in your makeup or tinted moisturizer is enough protection for your skin against the sun? Think again. My skin therapist recently informed me that makeup doesn’t have enough SPF content to protect your skin from sun damage. Gah! She recommended this brand, which I now worship. It leaves your skin so dewy and soft. Most of the time I won’t even put makeup over it.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: One word. Collagen. Good for your body, your hair, your skin, your nails, your joints. Do I even need to go on? I seriously think it’s even making my eye lashes longer. I love the to-go packs to pop in my Starbucks or post-workout shake. Completely convenient.

Milani Lash Trifecta Mascara: People ask me on the regular what mascara I use, this is it! Length and separation, people!

Oversized Sweater: My uniform in the winter. An oversized sweater is so cozy and yet makes you look chic despite the fact you’re putting in minimal effort to your appearance. Tip: tuck a corner into your leggings for some added street style. LEGGINGS ARE PANTS, OKAY?! 

Quick note, the sweater pictured is sold out, but click the link to find some steals. 

Wet ‘n’ Wild MegaStick Balm: While you’re at Walgreens picking up your new mascara (see above), grab Wet ‘n’ Wild, yes you read that correctly, lip balm. It stays on all freakin’ day and can be purchased with the change at the bottom of your bag.

Aquaphor Lip Repair: Still at Walgreens? Good! Pick up this chapstick with SPF 30. I have pigmentation on my lip that I have to monitor closely. My derm recommended this product for ultimate protection.

Nike Reverie Gym Bag: I need all the compartments to stay organized. This one’s got plenty! It’s big enough to store all the shit I need for the gym, but also a laptop and other work essentials.

Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones: Wireless headphones are a total game changer. When I’m not working it out at Barry’s or doing pilates, I’m lifting solo. No strings attached with these babies so my range of motion is never sacrificed and I’m not distracted by a cord hanging off me or flinging about.

Satin Baseball Hat: Really feeling this update on an old classic to up the athleisure game. Trust when I say you can get away with it at brunch.

Essentials Bag: As detailed here, an essentials bag that holds the small stuff you can’t live without (hair ties, mints, bobby pins, bandaids, etc) keeps you contained and decluttered.

ConAir 1″ Curling Iron: I use this curling iron like a wand to turn my sweaty gym hair into “beachy waves.” It heats up in 60 seconds flat and comes with a protective cover so you can stash it in your bag right after use.

Post-workout Fuel: If you don’t know why your post-workout fuel is just as crucial as your workout, read here. I’m addicted to everything at the Barry’s Fuel Bar especially the Superfood Flex, Skinny Bitch, Dirty Chai Town, they’re so good with enough protein to help my tired bod recover.

Commuter Shoe: I NEVER wear my training shoe outside, I like to keep them super crisp and in top condition, therefore a commuter shoe is key. These boots are a definite investment, but I wear them on repeat during the winter season. Hashtag, worth it. Remember when I said leggings are pants?! They still are and these boots are the perfect finisher to the oversized sweater/legging look.

Cover image via StyleBlazer.

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