Last Minute Holiday Gifts


There are two types of women in this world: Those who have their holiday shopping done immediately following Thanksgiving complete with perfect giftwrapping and those who are a hot mess, unable to get their shit together. If you’re the latter, this is for you. Quick, easy gifts you can either order in a pinch, pick up on the fly, or Amazon Prime like a total boss.


Nike Studio Wraps: The perfect footwear for any mat class. You wouldn’t think to buy them for yourself, but now that I have them I can’t pulse, stretch or flip my down dog without them. When your feet are stable you achieve a whole new level of confidence which allows you to focus on the move in the moment, not on slipping and sliding around.

Biohack Box: A quarterly subscription based wellness box that delivers supplements, bio hacks (duh) and superfoods.

Barry’s Swag + Class Packs: Trust me when I say that this is the gift that keeps on giving. Athleisure is now a multi BILLION dollar industry, so I think it’s safe to say, it’s here to stay. Barry’s retail changes monthly and is ON POINT, always. Classes can be purchased by package or monetary value, so load up and give the gift of the best workout in the world. 

TRX Suspension Trainer: The best investment for your at-home gym. Designed by military personnel, this piece of equipment was designed to keep our troops in shape when they didn’t have access to a gym or facility. If it kicks their asses, imagine what it’ll do for yours.

Fitlosophy Food Scale: For the gym rat who keeps an iron hand in the kitchen.

Headspace Subscription: 10-minutes of digitally guided meditation. Your first 10 days are free, but after that, you’ve got to pay up. It’s worth the subscription and believe me when I say, Andy’s voice is like butter.

Moon Juice Powders: Full disclosure, I haven’t tried these, but I know people who have – they love them. Also they’re bougie as fuck, so I automatically want them, all of them! I’m not exactly sure how you use these powders, but Gwyneth can probably tell you. Put them in your smoothies…or something.

Ecolunchbox: Take your meal prep on the go. Score extra points by buying several to reduce on daily dish washing.

Trigger Point MB5 Massage Ball: Pain. Pleasure. Recovery. I’m not sure where one ends and the other begins. It’s necessary.

Sweat Cosmetics: It’s not the best for your skin to workout with makeup on, but if you do, this is as good as it gets. Approved by athletes and derms alike. Plus that packaging is too cute.

Bullet Journal: This journal is PERFECT for the type-A perfectionist in your life. Just LOOK at the possibilities of how you can take your to-do list to the next level. Another item that’s bougie as fuck and yet totally crucial.

Pom Pom Hat: On trend, on brand.

Instapot: Again, full disclosure, I’m not 100% sure how to use this baby, but I can’t scroll through my insta stories without seeing someone I follow talking into their phone while demo-ing an instapot based meal. Go to Bed Bath and Freaking Beyond to pick one up. DO NOT FORGET YOUR 20% OFF COUPON, DAMNIT.

Tupperware: Sounds like a terrible gift, right? But no one actually wants to buy this for themselves, so it actually makes the perfect gift. I’m not talking about Glad plastic shit from Mariano’s splurge on the nice, glass, secure closure type. See the above for coupon advice.

Vital Proteins: Collagen peptides to keep your hair, skin and nail on point. I put a scoop of VP in everything. It’s tasteless so it’ll work from the inside out without you even knowing it’s there. Hash tag, look young forever.

Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Prism Cream: I’m OBSESSED with the PTR tinted moisturizer and this product lives up to its namesake. It’s that perfect dewy finish you’ve been trying to achieve for god knows how long. Obsessed.

Thank you, Jesus, for expedited shipping. 

Cover Image via Find Your Moxie.

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