2016 Fit Holiday Gift Guide

They say, “It’s better to give than to receive.” I’m not sure who they are, but I like to live my life by the “One for you, one for me” mentality. Some recommendations for the perfect gifts for the fit freaks in your life…or for yourself. Can’t believe it’s already time to say this…happy holidays!




Cuisinart Compact Smoothie Blender: Let me just say, Vitamix is life. However, sometimes I can’t get it up to use mine because the clean up process is such a…process. This little guy has the individual serving cups as the blending vessel so clean up is super easy. I’m linking to CB to be bougie, but you can probably get this with a BB&B (with a 20% off coupon, of course).

Bose Bluetooth Headphones: These are simply life changing in and out of the gym. No strings attached allows for a greater range of motion and less distraction. Bonus points (brownie and on your credit card) if you go for the noise canceling iteration.

HyperIce Foam Roller: I have a love/hate relationship with my foam roller. Pain truly comes in pleasure form with this vibrating foam roller. You’ll recover from your workouts faster than ever and wake up feeling like a new (wo)man.

Republic of Tea: A cute stocking stuffer for the coffee-free friends. God bless ’em. The Republic of Tea brand has a ton of these “get” variations and one is cuter than the last. Not sure how effective they are, though (branding for the win).

Thug Kitchen Cookbooks: A step-by-step guide to eating like you give a fuck. I own their “offical” cookbook and have yet to make anything DESPITE having read it cover to cover twice. If anything, it’s hilarious.

Yoga Zeal Mat: Yoga is supposed to be about inner beauty, reflection and minimalism and yet the athlesiure industry has done it again! It’s not necessary…but kind of is.

Spiralizer: If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t have one of these yet, it’s about time. Like the Vitamix, it’s a bitch to clean, but so worth it. I use it on average about three times a week to spiralize anything from zucchini to onions to apples. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, this spruces up your meal prep like nobody’s business. Five blades are better than three…so go ahead and splurge.

Dr. Teal Epson Salt: Essential oils, recovering properties and some “me time” in the bath. Doesn’t really get much better than that. I love giving gifts like this, it’s not something I would think to buy myself…but I always love it when I have it.

Eye Pillow: Kind of goes hand-in-hand with the above, no?

Dry Brush: Per Gwenth, dry brushing invigorates the skin, increases circulation and therefore reduces cellulite. Hell, yes. Give me that. One for you, one for me. I’m about to get real into this, stay tuned for more.

DIY Kombucha Brewer: I mean, for the girl who’s got everything, right? I love how the description warns, “some assembly required.” Uh yea, duh.

Yeti Coffee Tumbler: Keeps your hot bevvies hot and your cold bevvies cold. As someone who takes 3 hours to finish a Bullet Proof coffee, I get how crucial this product can be.

Bentgo Lunch Box: This will be HEAVEN for those who meal prep and for those who HATE when their foods touch.

Nest Candle: Fragrance that won’t overpower your home, yet gives you that sense of accomplishment one gets with finally achieving their “signature scent.”

Baby Foot + Pumice Stone: Disclaimer, I have yet to use either of these. But I want both of them. Just READ the reviews on that foot mask. Don’t deny it, you get a sick pleasure from peeling off your sun burnt skin after a tropical vacation…I feel like this will be 100x better than that. Also, your feet will be silky smooth.

Stackable Ring: Dainty. Delicate. Accessorize while you lift, while you up dog, while you pulse.

Nike Women Power Legendary Tight: God I am so obsessed with anything Power Legendary. High waisted and super flattering, they come in a variety of prints or solid colors. Get ’em cropped or full length. They’re perfect.

Nike Women Air Zoom Strong Training Shoe: A slice of heaven on this earth. ROSE GOLD everything. These are my new favorite training shoes.

Cosmetic Bags: I like to keep my gym bag full of smaller bags to help with organization and further enable my type A personality.

BYE MONEY! money-emoji

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