Partner Workout

Work off the Weekend: The Buddy System

There are few things I love more than working out with my man or my best friends. The combination of love and endorphins can rarely be beat. I met my now husband at a gym and I look forward to the mornings we break a sweat together as they’re always a highlight of my week.

Partner Workout

Today, we’re 2 days into married life! To celebrate, I give you a workout made for two. Grab your guy, grab your girl, grab your BFF and get to work.

To begin, establish who will be Partner A and who will be Partner B. Both of you will be dripping in sweat by the time you’re done, so there is no easy way out or better option. Partner A will do their drill while partner B does theirs. With little to no recover you’ll switch drills to complete both within each set. Whoever is doing the drill with the “*” will lead the work.

For example, in Round 1, Partner A will continue to do forward lunges until Partner B completes 20 Burpees

Round 1

  • Partner A: Alternating forward lunges
  • Partner B*: 20 Burpees

Rest 60 seconds

Round 2

  • Partner A: Forearm plank
  • Partner B*: Lateral squat walks (30 on each side)

Rest 60 seconds

Round 3

  • Partner A*: 25 Push ups
  • Partner B: Tuck Jumps

Rest 60 seconds

Round 4

  • Partner A: 100 High knee runs
  • Partner B: Bicycle crunches

Give each other a pat on the back, you’re done!


Feature Image via Pop Sugar.

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