Summer ’15 Gym Bag Essentials

Summer Gym Bag Essentials

Chicago…dare I say it?! Summertime is finally here! 

Nike Studio Kit Bag: With the warmer temps finally surfacing, I’m loving the pop of color that is the Victory Club Bag. Then, pack your bags with smaller bags! It will seriously improve your organization and help you feel less cluttered. This studio kit bag from Nike is spacious despite its small size. Two compartments for make up, toiletries, hair ties or whatever else you’re packin’.

Nike Pro Shorts: I own five pairs of these shorts and up until recently each pair had never been worn. I was too self conscious about my body to wear them, but yet continued to “save” them for the day I deemed myself worthy of them. Not anymore. I’ve decided to embrace my body, flaws and all. I encourage you to do the same! Don’t wait to enjoy your bod, embrace it and love it every step of the way.

Lean1 Protein by Nutrition53: I’m not a huge supplement person, but in an effort to break up a plateau I suddenly found myself in, I have started exploring. Lean1 was so kind as to send me both their recovery protein and meal replacement shakes (which I use as my morning snack). In the month I’ve been consuming the protein I’ve seen noticeable gains in lean muscle mass (I say lean so you don’t go ew, I don’t want to get big. I mean, give me a break), and have had more energy throughout the day and my workouts. Sold. I pack the individual serving size packets in my bag for on-the-go fuel.

Propel Fitness Water:  This sports drink lives up to its Gatorade co-name and delivers hydration to the max at the point of sweat. Keep this baby in the fridge until go time as opposed to sipping at your desk throughout the day.

Summer Reading List: Keep your bod tight and your mind right. Exercise your brain just like you would your muscles. I’ve got a stack of books I’m looking forward to diving into this summer at the beach, on the road and during the little downtime I get to enjoy.

Facial Cleanser: With heat and humidity comes open pores, and with open pores come breakouts. Keep your face clean with this gentle cleanser that smells seriously good and leaves your skin feeling refreshed without being dry.

Jump Rope: Take your workouts to the great outdoors. Think jump roping is for little girls? Think again. Try this workout here to break a sweat and rev your metabolism.

Flip Flops: Post-workout kicks, stock up, they’re like $1.99.

Sunscreen: All day. Every day. Your skin is your bodies largest organ, don’t forget to protect it…your 60 year old self will thank you.

Bikini: Does anything feel better after a grueling workout than a dip (and a cocktail) by the pool? I don’t think so. I love this brand for its unique shapes, colors, fabrics and price tag.

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