Total Body Workout

Work off the Weekend with One Heavy Weight

One heavy weight can take the place of a full gym! Whether you have a heavy weight or something that’s just heavy, you can do this workout in your home, in a gym or wherever you may be.

Do 10 reps of the drills below 5 times. Move from one drill to the next with quick transitions and minimal recovery. Use a weight that is challenging for you, but is doable for the full 10 reps on each set.

Squat and swing: Lower into a squat as you swing the dumbbell between your legs. Then with force, stand up and swing the dumbbell forward to shoulder height. Do 10 reps holding the weight in your right hand and 10 reps holding the weight in the left hand.

Single leg bicep curl: Stand on your left leg with your right knee as high as you can while maintaining your balance. Place your left hand on your hip and hold the dumbbell in your right hand. Maintaining your balance, bicep curl the heavy weight in your right hand. Focus on keeping your core engaged and a full range of motion throughout the entire bicep curl. Do 10 reps holding the weight in your right hand while balancing on your left foot and 10 reps holding the weight in the left hand while balancing on the right foot.

Lateral lunges: Starting with your feet together, step out to a side lunge with one leg bent and one leg straight. Push back to start position while keeping the weight held a chest level. Continue on the same side, driving your body weight through the heel of the bent leg for 10 reps before switching to the opposite side.

Crossback lunges: Starting with your feet together, step back putting your right leg behind your left into a lunge. Keep the weight at chest level or extended it overhead as you lunge. Return to starting position and step back putting your left leg behind your right into a lunge. 

Weighted jumping jack: Hold the weight at chest level in both hands then push the weight up overhead and jump your feet outward. Bring the weight back to starting position at chest level as you jump your feet back in.

Russian twists: Sit with knees bent and feet together. Lean back until your abs contract. Holding the weight in both hands, put your arms in front of you with elbows tight against your body. Twist your upper body to move both arms to the outside of one hip. Repeat moving from side to side.

Weighted hip lifts: Lie on your back with knees bent and heels in line with your knees. Hold the weight overhead right above chest level. Lift your hips as high as you can, squeezing your butt. Lower and repeat. Keep the weight overhead throughout the entire range of motion in your hips.

Kneeling halos: Sit on your knees (be sure to have your hips directly over your knees and your back straight). Extend the weight overhead and circle the weight counter clockwise around your head and upper body. Do one rotation counter clockwise and then switch direction for your next rep.

Alternating plank row: Start in the plank position with the weight in your right hand and your left hand flat on the floor. Perform a row, bringing your elbow up past your back and then repeat with the other arm. Alternate sides until you’ve reached 10 reps on each side.


Go get it.


Image via Leryn Franco Fitness.

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