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Work off the Weekend: Treadmill HIIT Workout

With any treadmill there are two modes: manual and motorized (or “regular” mode). Take your HIIT workouts to a new level with this manual mode workout.

Cart before the horse — how do you use a treadmill in manual mode? If you’re using a Woodway Treadmill (like we do at Shred415) start with your machine off. After you turn your machine, on hold the speed keys (fast and slow) simultaneously for six seconds. When the speed panel starts to flash, the belt lets loose and you’ll feel your legs will power the belt when you move. If you’re using another treadmill like a Lifetime machine, you can power the belt while the treadmill is off.

Once your treadmill is in manual mode, position your back so it is straight, your upper body is relaxed and you are leaning slightly forward into the treadmill dashboard. Put your hands are on the dashboard or handles with your arms fairly straight and your head slightly downward. By moving your legs, you in turn power the treadmill belt.

Part 1:

Do three sets of 20 seconds on, recovering after each set for 30 seconds.

Part 2:

After you’ve completed three sets, carefully step off the treadmill and do an 8-round Tabata set comprised of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

Do five rounds total, alternating between the work on the treadmill and the work on the floor. Change the Tabata drills each round as follows:

Round 1: Squat Jumps
Round 2: Mountain Climbers
Round 3: Hand Planks
Round 4: Split Jumps
Round 5: Push Ups

Good luck!

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