Total Body Workout House of Cards

Work for the Weekend: House of Cards

Bored with your workouts? Get the upper hand and spice things up with this workout. No equipment necessary — just a deck of cards.

How it works:

  • Draw five cards.
  • The suits of the first four cards determine the workout: each of the four suits in a deck of cards is associated with a different exercise.
  • The fifth card determines how many sets are completed (the fifth card cannot be an ace or face card). The card value equals the number of sets.
  • Complete each hand of four cards like a circuit, completing reps and sets of each drill before starting the next hand.
  • Rest for 30 seconds in between hands. Keep drawing hands until you’ve reached the desired workout time.

The Game:

  • The exercises:
    • Spades = 30-second Plank
    • Diamonds = Squats
    • Clubs = Pushups
    • Hearts = Burpees
  • The reps:
    • Number cards = the number of reps that must be done.
    • Face cards = 25 reps
    • Aces = 30 reps

Example Hand:

  • Card 1: Ace of Hearts
  • Card 2: Three of Clubs
  • Card 3: Two of Spades
  • Card 4: Seven of Diamonds
  • Card 5: Eight of Hearts

Example Workout:

  • 30 Burpees (Ace of Hearts)
  • 3 Pushups (Three of Clubs)
  • 60-second plank (Two of Spades)
  • 7 Squats (Seven of Diamonds)
  • Do 8 sets of the above
  • Rest 30 seconds


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