Work off the Weekend: 60/30 Churn and Burn

I will make the claim right now that Easter candy is by far the best holiday candy out there. Before you start to disagree with me I have two words for you: Reese’s Eggs.

Reese's Egg

Kate: 1. You who started to disagree: 0.

The workout below is made to strengthen your body and burn off all that sugar you most likely consumed yesterday and over the weekend, so get to it! I recommend doing this workout all the way through and then repeating FOUR times for a total of FIVE sets.

Total Body Workout

I would recommend only 30 seconds of rest in between each set, but if you can get away with 15 seconds then by all means! You should feel a little winded and your heart rate should be elevated.


Image via Nike

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  1. I love Reese’s Eggs and can’t disagree- the mini ones are even better!

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