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Work off the Weekend Workout: Total Body TRX

Did you party for St. Paddy’s day like a total champ? Sweat off that green beer with a killer TRX total body, strength building workout.

TRX WorkoutIf you haven’t used a TRX system before buckle up – things are about to go next level. The straps are a form of Suspension Training that uses your bodyweight to execute drills that develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability ALL simultaneously. It seems complicated and they can look a little daunting, but the fundamentals behind the system is actually simple –  leverage gravity and the your body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.

If you don’t have a TRX system you can complete the workout above on your own with your own body weight, no worries. If you have access to a personal TRX or a system at your gym then have at it! Some further details on each drill are below.

Position the straps so the handles are mid-length at chest level.

Close Rows: With your body at a 45 degree angle firmly plant your feet on the floor and lean backwards holding the straps so there is no slack. Holding one handle in each hand place your palms facing inward and slowly pull your elbows back across your torso. Your shoulders should be fully engaged with your legs bent at the knee and relaxed. For this drill your upper body does all of the work. See a demo here.

Bicep Curl: Leaning back walk your feet forward until you’re at that same 45 degree angle from the Close Rows. You’ll rock back onto your heels, keeping your core tight. Bending at the elbows curl your arms and pull yourself up so the handle bars meet with your forehead. Your biceps are doing most of the work here, but you’ll also feel this throughout your upper body and your abs. See a demo here.

Chest Press: Lean onto the TRX as if you’re about to do a push-up with the straps to the outside of your arm pits, bringing your elbows out and straight back. Again, there is no slack in the straps. As you lean forward to do the chest press you’ll move onto your toes. This is an upper body movement so challenge your arms and chest to do the work with as little help as possible from your legs. See a demo here.

Triceps Extensions: Stand facing away from the straps with your arms straight out at shoulder level leaning into the straps, on your toes at a 45 degree angle. Bend at the elbow bringing your handles to your forehead. As you extend the arms back to straight and starting position engage your triceps keeping your core tight. See a demo here.

Squat Jumps: Standing straight up holding a handle in each hand walk your feet out until you’re leaning backwards and the straps have no slack. Perform a standard squat jump but use the straps for support. See a demo here.

Pistol Squats: Standing on your right foot hold the straps tightly and lower yourself down to a single leg squat position. See a demo here. Restart the drill again on the left foot.

Lunges: Standing on your right foot, bend your left foot at the knee lunging backwards with all the weight on your right foot. If you’re looking for a challenge add a hop at the top before you start the lunge again. Repeat on the left side. See a demo here.

Sumo Squats: Just as you would a typical sumo squat, position your feet so that your toes are pointing outwards and away from your body, towards the right and left side. Use the straps for support and drop your hips straight down to perform the squat. As you stand engage the glutes and hamstrings.

Lower the straps all the way down so the handles are several inches off the floor.

Mountain Climbers: Sit on your knees facing away from the straps. Reach around and place one foot through each handle. In a hand plank position engage your core, your feet resting in the stapes so your body is parallel to the floor. Your elbows should be directly over your wrists and your elbows directly under your shoulders. Bring your knees up to the chest alternating sides like you would a typical Mountain Climber. See a demo here.

Walking Planks: With one foot in each of the handles resume your hand plank position. Walk your right arm down to forearm level following with the left. Raise back up to hand plank position first with the right and then with the left. For each set alternate the lead arm.

Pike Planks: In a hand plank position raise your hips up forming a pike position. You’ll feel this burn go all the way through your abs. See a demo here.

Knee Crunches: In a forearm plank position bring your right knee to meet your right elbow. Return to plank position and bring the left knee to your left elbow. Be careful so your hips don’t sag!

Happy sweating!

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