Descending Cario Circuit

Work off the Weekend Workout: Descending Cardio Circuit

We can all use a little kick-start to our week to get ourselves back on track after Sunday Funday, your cheat meal-turned-day on Saturday, and those happy hour cocktails on Friday. Do this descending pyramid before your Monday is over to start the week on an empowered foot. Spoiler alert: There are NO burpees, so please don’t half a** it. K, thanks!

Descending Circuit

Star Jumps: A variation of jumping jacks. Fold forward at your hips touching your toes. Jack your legs out and you bring your arms up overhead like a standard jumping jack. End back at the bottom touching your finger tips back to your toes. Keep your head up and looking straight forward the entire time. Demo here.

Mountain Climbers: Hand plank or push up position lean into your shoulders as you bring your knees to your chest one at a time. The faster you go the harder this will be. For a modification go slower, with no bounce as you change your legs. Demo here.

Heismans: In a wide stance bring your right knee up to your right side, your left knee to the left side. Pump the opposite arm with the opposite leg. Add a bounce and a little bit of a speed for a challenge. Move slower for a modification, one leg at a time taking out the bounce in your step. Demo here.

Jump Ropes: With or without a rope, jump on the balls of your feet to engage your calves and get your heart rate up.

Scissor Jumps: A shallower version of a jumping lunge. Keep your lunges on the shorter side. Demo here.

High Knees: Y’all know the drill for this by now. Keep your back and your torso upright as you drive your knees up to your chest. Make sure you’re really bringing your knees up and not just running place. High intensity, people!

Ski Jumps: Start in a lateral lunge position, jumping from right to left pushing off the outside of the foot. Make sure you land flat on your feet to avoid injury. Let your arms help you here, opposite finger tips to opposite. To kick up the ski jump add in a cross back lunge. Demo here.

Squat Jumps: In a squat position bend at the knees pushing your hips back until your knees have a 90 degree bend. As you start to stand up push through the quads and explode up off the toes into a jump. Land softly on your feet rolling back into your heels to repeat the squat.

Double Side Jumps: Similar to the Jump Rope move jump up and down on the balls of your feet moving from right to left. Move so your legs are plastered together

Tuck Jumps: This is like a perfect hybrid between the high knee run and the squat jumps. Squat as low as you can and jump up as high as you can bringing your knees to the chest. There is a reason there is only 10 of these, they are HARD, so challenge yourself.

Have a great week, everyone!

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