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Work off the Weekend Workout: Lower Body Cardio Fix

Happy President’s Day, all! Have the day off today? Me too! Don’t spend the entire 9-5 caught-up in your to do list (or BravoTV). Take a moment to bang out the lower body cardio burst below, those legs will KILL and your heart rate will soar. Break a sweat and enjoy the burn!

Lower Body Cardio Fix

A few things to note: If you’re doing this in the gym, add weights to those lunges, sumos and squats to take yourself up a notch and a half. If you’re doing this at home and are without weights, a bench/box or a jump rope, fear not! You can do this with your body weight too. Jump in place as if you had a rope (use your imagination kids), and instead of box jumps do a tuck jump. Oh yea, buddy. Go get it.

Need a hand with some of these moves? See a demo here: Scissor jumps, star jumpstransverse lunges, and ski jumps.

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