Work off the Week Workout: 5 Moves to Sculpt Your Shoulders

Annnnnnnnnnnd, I’m back! Brief hiatus while I tend to my professional career (fitness is my side hustle, y’all!). Reviews, late nights, pitches, deadlines, back-to-back meetings and calls. I mean…it’s been crazy. There is a thing floating around Pinterest right now confirming that Beyonce does, in fact, only have 24 hours in her day just like the rest of us. Yet she seems to be conquering the world, going vegan, wearing leather corsettes and riding surfboards all simultaneously with NO problem. What. The. F*ck. How do you do it, Bey?!

Beyonce Has 24 Hours

I need one helluva workout to blow off some serious steam and relieve a lot of stress, what about you? Has anyone else felt like this has been the longest week of life? Take a deep breath in and get to work with these moves to tone, sculpt, and define your shoulders (my fav bod party to werk).

Do anywhere from 2-3 sets, 8-15 reps of each exercise depending on the weights you choose. The heavier you go the less reps you should be able to perform. Never forget – nothing is worth sacrificing your form, so make sure you feel in control and your back, torso, and neck are centrally aligned.

Weighted Arm Circles

  • Stand  straight with dumbbells positioned in front of your thighs, palms facing away from you and a slight bend in the elbows.
  • Keeping a tight core , raise the dumbbells away from your body and upwards in a half circle motion with palms facing away from you. Keep raising your arms outward and upwards with your palms facing away from you until they are fully extended above your head.
  • Slowly and with control, lower the weight back down to the start position, palms facing away from you.
  • Your arms should form a half circle on each side going from starting position in front of your thighs to full extension overhead.

Frontal Row

  • Grab dumbbells and position them in front of your thighs, arms shoulder width apart, palms facing toward your body.
  • Keeping your back straight, begin to drive the weights up to shoulder level, using your elbows to drive the motion.
  • Lower down and repeat.
  • Feeling fancy? Add a deadlift in and complete your frontal row as you stand up. If you do add the deadlift be mindful of what is working the hardest. If it’s your lower back you need to adjust your form, drop down a size in weights, or eliminate the drill completely. Hammies should be takin’ the heat. Ya dig?

 Alternating Frontal and Side Lateral Raise

  • Stand straight, holding dumbbells in each hand, arms to side, palms facing toward your hips.
  • Engage your core as you lift your arms out to the side, keeping a slight bend at the elbows.
  • Continue to raise weight until arms are parallel to the floor.
  • Pause, then lower down slowly and repeat.
  • Go right into a frontal raise, standing straight and holding the dumbbells in each hand, arms in front of you with palms facing towards your hips.
  • Raise arms directly out infront of you until they are again parallel with the floor. Don’t raise your arms above shoulder height.
  • Pause, then lower down slowly and repeat.
  • Oh, don’t forget those abs. Suck. Them. In.

Lateral Lunge with Side Jabs

  • Assume a lateral lunge stance, feet should be hip width apart.
  • Hold weights up in a goblet position at chest level aboout four inches from your body, palms facing each other.
  • Perform a lateral lunge to the right pausing when you’ve reach full range of motion.
  • Rotate your core to the right and extend your left arm out in a cross over or punching motion. The weight will feel heavy but stay in control and rely on your shoulders to hold your arm up parallel to the floor. Give a little bit of force, it’s okay to work up a bit of momentum.
  • Return back to starting position.
  • Pause in the middle and repeat on the other side, lunging to the left and rotating with the right arm.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Start with dumbbells upright on top of your thighs.
  • Raise the dumbbells together into position at shoulder height. Your elbows should be in line with your shoulders.
  • Wrists should rotate so that the palms of your hands face forward. This is the starting position.
  • Push the dumbbells upward until they touch.
  • Briefly pause at the top then slowly lower the weights back down to the starting position. Repeat.

You know what they say, you’re only one workout away from a better mood and a better disposition! Have a great weekend, people!


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