Work off the Weekend Workout: High Intensity Drills

I recently read that January 20th is the most depressing day of the year. I mean – ugh. It might be true, Chicagoans have been under this Polar Vortex for what feels like six months. The thrill of the holidays has definitely worn off. New Year’s resolutions are showing their true colors. What?! Resolutions and goals require work, sacrifice and dedication?! Shit.

I’m sure many of us are rethinking our fitness goals, and that’s okay. In order to achieve success we need to be realistic. Take a moment to think about your schedule, what you’re capable of committing to and evolve your plans as necessary. But don’t shy away from something just because it’s hard! That’s what makes it worth it. If it were easy we’d all be running around with perfectly shaped glutes and six-packs. Speaking of perfectly shaped glutes, take one step closer to getting them with crush this workout to work up a sweat and get your endorphins flowing! High Intensity WorkoutJumping Jacks: You know what to do here, but if you’re looking for a challenge start in a low squat position, finger tips to toes, start your jack from there. Make it a star jump y’all!

Squat Hold: Either hold a deep squat for the entire 30 seconds, or you can do a wall sit with your back right up against a wall. Make sure you don’t get sloppy here. Keep your shoulders relaxed, your back long and flat and your chest open.

Push-ups: Refresh your memory with some push-up options here.

Stretch ‘n’ Burn Sit-ups: Oh man, these are my new jam. At first you’re like, “What?!” and then by the end you’re like, “oh yea, that’s good.” See what I mean here.

Chair Step-ups: Using a bench or a chair step up with your right leg and bring your left knee up to the chest as high as you can. The higher you go the more your right glute will take the heat. Repeat on the other side. You can either alternate sides here or do one side at a time for 15 seconds each.

Triceps Push-ups: In a push-up position either on your knees or on your toes keep your hands right underneath your chest at shoulder width apart. As you lower your chest to the floor make sure your elbows go BACKWARDS, not outwards.

Single Leg Clock Sqauats: Check this demo to make sure your form is on point. You can do this with or without a dumbbell.

Heismans: These are the new high knees, people! Plyometrics best kept secret. Take a look and do it as fast as you can.

Forward Lunges: Alternate sides as you step deep into a forward lunge. Take this up a knotch by keeping your arms overhead, fully extended, your biceps up by your  ears. You’ll not only get a good burn in your legs, but you’ll feel your abs too!

Side V-ups: Laying on your side bring your knees into your chest. Whatever arm is closest to the floor can give you some support but do not rely on the upper body, this is all about those obliques.

Scissor Kicks: Lie flat on your back, your right leg straight up and your left leg straight out. Move in a scissor motion keeping your legs as straight as you can, bringing the legs as close as you can to paralell with the floor. The lower you go the harder it will be! Make sure you lower back stays glued to the floor. To challenge yourself raise your shoulder blades off the floor.

Go get it!

Images via: Nike

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