Spruced-up Steel Cut Oats

Okay, when I classify this as a “recipe” post I am using that term VERY loosley because this is about as easy as it gets, and technically it’s just mixing shiz together. BUT it’s still delicious, requires a bit of creativity and is nutritionally amazing. I typically keep my diet fairly low carb and low grains, but every once and a while I love to dig into a steamy bowl of oats. Especially now. When it “feels like” -36 degrees. Seriously, Chicago? We love this city, but we do NOT have to like it right now!


Steel cut oats
Greek Yogurt
Agave Nectar
Sliced Almonds

There are no units of measurement on this ingredients list, and that is no mistake. You’re going to eyeball everything. Before you freak out and throw your hands in the air and flip your kitchen table, read on. This is a piece of cake (God, cake. Sounds amazing…).


  1. In a crock pot measure out your steel cut oats according to the package instructions. Turn the pot on low. I like to make this for the week so I make multiple servings. It usually takes my oats anywhere from 2-4 hours to cook so keep an eye on them. If you’re new the oats and crock pot combo I wouldn’t recommend walking away so you can monitor them.
  2. When water is 80% absorbed fluff oats and add cinnamon. I like to dust a thin layer over the top. And then stir it up.
  3. Oats are finished cooking when the water is absorbed. Watch yourself, this is a fine line. Water should be absorbed, but not to the point of dryness. Know what I mean? Not only will it taste less than ideal, but the oats will stick to the pot and it’s a b*tch to clean. Absorbed. I just wanted to say that word one more time.
  4. Spoon out a portion if you’re ready to serve immediately into a bowl. Put the rest in a tupperware, seal tight and stash in the fridge for the work week ahead!
  5. Either take the oats fresh out of the pot, or reheat the leftovers later during the week and layer greek yogurt and raspberries on top of the oats. Drizzle the agave nectar on top, control yourself, quick draw, a little goes a long way. Sprinkle some sliced almonds on top.

Steel Cut Oats

That, my friends, is a breakfast that’s made for a champ. Have a great day!

Image via: PB Fingers.



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