Medicine Ball Workout

Work off the Weekend: Medicine Ball Workout

In this post I put together the ultimate at-home gym for less than $150, a total steal, right?! If you bought yourself a medicine ball then you’re in luck, this workout was MADE for you! If you didn’t invest in a home gym that’s okay, you can use a dumbbell for most exercises. The medicine ball adds a bit of oomph as you can use it for a variety of things: balance, resistance, weight and height!  If you’re still thinking about purchasing one you can find medicine balls in all sorts of sizes and weight. At Shred415 we’re stocked with 6, 8 and 14lb-er’s and they seriously can kick your a**. When choosing a size, shape and weight make sure to pick a ball that’s heavy enough so that your speed of motion is slower than if you weren’t using weight but not so heavy that you have no control over the motion itself, or lose your grip. There are medicine balls with handles, which I like because it aids with grip so you can focus on the exercise itself. But the style, size, weight and any other variation is up to you!

Do 25 reps of each exercise two times through with minimal rest!

Lunge with Twist: Alternating forward lunges with a twist! As you step your right leg forward get deep into the lunge and rotate your core to the right side. Let your obliques be the foundation of the rotation and your quads take the heat from the lunge. Push up off of your right heel to return to standing and then repeat the drill with your left side. Do both sides for a total of one rep. Need a visual? Check it.

Push Up with Ball at hands: In a push up position on your knees (for a modification) or your toes (for a challenge) place the ball underneath your palms so that you’re on an incline. Keep the ball, your hands and your elbows all inline underneath your shoulders and push your elbows out as you lower your chest to the ball. This will also incorporate your core so keep it engaged to maintain balance on the ball. See what I mean?

Squat Jump with Overhead Press: Oh yea, you do not want to miss this burn. Take your typical squat jump to the next level with a weighted overhead press. As you begin your squat, holding the ball at chest level, getting as low as you can go with a 90 degree bend in your legs. Your elbows should be close to or touching your knees. As you begin to stand up go right into the jump as you lift the ball overhead so that your arms are fully extended. Engage your core, shoot up through the quads as you jump, and make your shoulders do the work as you life your medicine ball over your head. Got it?

Suitcases: A killer Nike Training Club move. Start with the medicine ball between your knees with your feet on the ground. Lift your knees up to meet your chest as you lift your shoulder blades off the ground. Lower both upper body and lower simultaneously.

Squat hold with Triceps Extensions: A typical squat hold, but an added element of work using your triceps! Stand with your feet hip width apart, get low into a 90 degree bend in your knees and hold your squat. Extend the arms overhead holding your medicine ball tightly, your biceps squeezing your head. Lower your arms back to a 90 degree bend in your elbows and raise back up to the starting position. If your elbow start to bow out you will NOT be working your triceps and this will be moot. Squat hold. Squeeze your face with your guns and focus on the back side of your arm and you extend your arms up. This is the basic movement I’m talking about – but instead of the squat incorporate a squat hold.

Russian Twist: Keeping your chest open as you sit on the ground hold the medicine ball in front of you and rotate the ball from side to side. For a challenge keep your heels off the ground. For a modification you can rest your heels on the floor, or ditch the ball completely. This movement is more than bringing your arms across your body, it’s all about the abs, so focus!

Weight Jumping Jacks: Just like it sounds, my friends. Hold the ball at chest level and lift overhead as you jack your feet out. Sounds simple? Think again, this will make your heart rate shoot through the roof and your shoulders will feel that burn right away! For a modification your can start with the ball at hip level and raise up to shoulder level as your feet jack out, like this.

Push Up with Ball at Toes: This is an advanced move which requires your push up to be preformed off of your knees. If you’re having trouble maintaining good form on your push up think about skipping this exercise until you’ve mastered the basic push up. Nothing is worth sacrificing your form! If you’re ready for this challenge place the medicine ball underneath your toes. In a hand plank position line your hands, wrists and elbows underneath your shoulders. Push your elbows out as you lower your chest to the floor. Keep your abs tight so you maintain balance on the ball. Just like this chick right here.

Glute Bridge: Laying on your back with your feet flat on the ball raise your hips to engage the glutes and hamstrings. Play around with this one. You can lift and lower your hips, hold them up at the top, or raise and lower each leg. OR you can pulse it out! I mean, the sky is the limit here (literally).

Toe taps: Time to get that heart rate up and work it all. Place the ball in front of you and tap your toes to the top of the ball. Add a hop if you can to make it a little more challenging. Tap your right and left foot for one rep.

Full Extensions: Lay on your back with your legs straight out and the ball over head. Bring the ball overhead toward your knees and your knees towards your chest simultaneously. Extend both the upper body and the lower body back outwards simultaneously as well to return to starting position. Love this !

I’m resisting all sorts of “ball/baller” puns right now so I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead! Have at it!! Happy Monday!

Image via: Mint DC


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